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10 Free Architecture apps For Architecture Students

10 Free Architecture apps For Architecture Students

Computers like PCs, small computers (palmtops), and smartphones are quickly becoming a big part of the construction industry. That’s why there are now many free apps made for builders and architects.

This article will tell you about the 10 Free Architecture apps For Architecture Students. These ideas will help you choose one or two that you like. Technology is changing architecture a lot, like with 3D printing and touch-screen drafting boards.

But, architects are also changing how they use software. They’re using it more for designing and managing projects while they’re not at their desks.

Best free Architecture Apps

1) SketchUp

SketchUp is a computer program that helps you make 3D models. It’s useful for a lot of things like designing buildings, interiors, products, landscapes, and even for making things for movies and video games.

The program has different versions you can pay for. One is called SketchUp Pro Desktop, which you install on your computer. There’s also a free version you can use online, and three other versions you pay for: SketchUp Shop, SketchUp Pro, and SketchUp Studio. These paid versions have more features.

With this program, you can make drawings, change how things look in different ways, and put your models into Google Earth to see them in a real-world setting. The company Trimble Inc. owns SketchUp.

2) AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a computer program that helps people with designing and making drawings on a computer. It’s made by a company called Autodesk. It first came out as a program for regular computers in 1982. Before that, similar programs were used on big computers, and people worked on separate screens. Now, you can also use AutoCAD on mobile devices and on the internet.

People in lots of different jobs use AutoCAD. Architects, engineers, graphic designers, and others use it to plan and create things. Back in 1994, there were 750 places around the world where people could learn how to use AutoCAD.

3) Shapr 3D CAD modeling

Shapr3D is a special computer program for making 3D drawings. It works online, so engineering and architecture companies can create detailed models on tricky surfaces using math calculations. You can use it on an iPad with a special pen called Apple Pencil. This helps designers make precise shapes on a customizable grid.

Shapr3D is also interesting because it uses technology from Siemens. This technology helps it make models, exchange data, and manage rules for sketches and direct modeling. This program is stable and easy to use. You just need to download it to your iPad Pro, and you can start making drawings easily. People have said it’s a simple and friendly program to use.

4) RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher is a simple and helpful app that lets you create designs for floors and homes. It’s made for both professionals and regular people. With this app, you can easily make and change floor plans and home designs.

You can download the RoomSketcher App to your computer or tablet. It’s a strong tool that’s also easy to use. It has lots of cool features for making floor plans and 3D images of homes. This is great if you work in real estate or home design. You can draw the plans yourself or let the app do it for you. Whether you’re selling properties or planning renovations, the RoomSketcher App can help you a lot.

5) Magicplan

Magicplan is a helpful tool that can make your company work better. It’s an easy-to-use app you can use on your phone or tablet when you’re on a job site. This app lets you draw, take notes, and estimate costs, and your employees can use it anywhere. We made magicplan to make your life easier and help you save money.

With magicplan, you can quickly make and share floor plans, reports, and cost estimates using a simple app. This means you can get more work done when you’re out in the field.

Here are some things you can do with magicplan:

  • Measure and draw the inside of buildings in 2D and 3D.
  • Make reports with pictures, 360° images, notes, forms, and drawings.
  • Figure out costs using your phone or tablet.

6) Floor Plan Creator

The Floor Plan Creator is a tool that lets people create and adjust room layouts and symbols by clicking and dragging with their mouse, or by entering precise numbers for sizes and distances. This is useful for making accurate plans on a phone or tablet on-site and finishing them on a computer later. You can see the project in 3D with multiple floors, and you can move the camera around freely. This tool helps create detailed and precise floor plans that can be seen in 3D or printed to the right scale. You can also put furniture in to design how the inside of your home will look.

It’s also handy for taking your floor plan shopping to check if new furniture will fit. There are two versions available: one for Android devices and another that works on any computer or mobile device through a web browser.

Projects can have many floors with differently shaped rooms, as long as the walls are straight. You can bring in existing plans to use as templates. The tool also does automatic calculations for room and wall sizes, as well as symbol counts. Symbols include things like doors, windows, furniture, electrical symbols, and symbols for fire safety surveys. You can even create your own symbol library for rooms, symbols, and labels that you use often.

7) Autodesk FormIt

Autodesk FormIt is a special computer program for making 3D drawings. It helps you save your great design thoughts. You can make your ideas on a computer or tablet using a mouse or a special pen. It’s easy to turn your sketches into actual plans using Revit, another design program.

Moreover, you can draw while thinking about the materials and get information about the place and how things work with InfraWorks. You can also see how much energy your design uses with Insight Energy Analysis in the AEC Collection.

8) SmartDraw

SmartDraw is an online tool that helps groups of people make diagrams together. These diagrams can be flowcharts, charts that show how an organization is structured, maps that show ideas, charts for projects, and other kinds of business pictures. It’s different from other diagram tools because it’s smart – when you change things in your diagram, it arranges everything nicely for you.

SmartDraw’s smart arrangement works together with ready-made templates to create diagrams that look really good without much effort. This makes it simple for anyone, even if they aren’t used to designing, to make great diagrams.

9) Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a tool for working on documents together. It was made by Dropbox after they bought another company called Hackpad. They talked about it in October 2015 and let people use it in January 2017. You can use it on the internet or on phones like andriod and iOS.

Dropbox Paper is like a big room where people can put their ideas and work together. It’s good for making and changing documents as a team. Some people liked it because it helps them work together quickly and see changes right away. You can mention others, give them tasks, write comments, and see who changed what. But some people didn’t like that it doesn’t have many ways to change how things look or do advanced editing.

Even though people liked the simple design, they said it’s missing some things that other similar tools have. Some important buttons are not always there, and it doesn’t have all the features that other tools do. But people did like that you can put different kinds of media in it, like pictures and videos, better than other tools.

10) Room Planner

Getting new furniture can be a stressful job. You have to figure out if it will fit in your space, how to transport it, and deal with stores full of people. It would be nice if you could know how the furniture looks in your space before you buy it, right? Luckily, there’s a solution called the 3D Room Planner.

A 3D Room Planner is a cool tool. It helps you plan where to put furniture in your home, office, or any empty area you want to fill up. With this tool, you can see how the furniture will fit and look in the space before you actually buy it. This way, you can feel more sure about shopping and not worry about making mistakes that might cost you a lot.

Even people who sell things online can use the 3D Room Planner. It’s helpful for them too. This article will talk about why the room planner is good and give examples of what it can do. It will also give you some tips on how to use it well to have the best experience.

Students who are studying Chemistry and Physics also have their own apps for learning online. You can read more about them by clicking here and here.

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