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10 Free Online High School Diploma For Adults

10 Free Online High School Diploma For Adults

You can start learning anytime, no matter how old you are. Even if you’re an adult and want to earn a high school diploma, the internet is a helpful place to do that.

This article talks about something interesting: finding 10 Free Online High School Diploma Programs for Adults. These websites are designed for grown-ups and let you learn at your own convenience. They show that you can always go after your education goals, no matter when you begin.”

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Overview of free online high school diploma for adults

1. Excel High School

One of the free online high school diplomas for adults that we have is Excel High School. This is a school on the internet that has been approved to teach and help adults get their high school diplomas. The school gives a lot of support to students with teachers and coaches who want them to succeed.

They offer many good things, like getting help with your schoolwork online any time you need it. They also let you move credits from other schools and take six classes every few months.

People can finish the classes in about three months. It’s not expensive, and costs about $100 every month for as many classes as you want.

Excel High School is in Minnetonka, Minnesota. They have official approval from Cognia/SASC/Northwest Accrediting Commission.

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2. Smart Horizons Career Online High School (COHS)

Smart Horizons Career Online High School gives students many good things. They give you a diploma for finishing high school that also comes with a certificate for a job. These certificates show employers that you know how to do certain jobs. The school is approved by Cognia/SACS/NCA/NWAC, and it’s known for having really good education.

Besides the main classes, Smart Horizons Career Online High School has extra things like online seminars that help you get ready for a job. When you start, you get someone to help you with school called an academic coach. This person will guide you while you learn. If you’ve taken classes at another school, they might let you count those so you can finish faster.

Smart Horizons Career Online High School gives discounts to people in the military, and they’ve joined up with libraries all over the country to let grown-ups learn for free. Just remember, it’s a part of Smart Horizons Career Online Education.

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3. Mizzou Academy

Mizzou Academy is a school in Columbia, MO. It’s officially recognized as a good school by two important groups, and it has more than 200 different classes to choose from. They work with both younger and older students, from elementary to high school.

The school has some special things it does. It partners with other teachers in a new way, and it’s open to students from many places. They want to help all kinds of students and schools. The cost for classes is usually $500, but if you’re from Missouri or the U.S., and you meet some conditions, it might only be $250.

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4. Texas Success Academy

Texas Success Academy is a top choice for adults who want to earn a high school diploma online for free. This program has many advantages for adults who are learning. They can get a real high school diploma online, and there’s no age limit.

The school is approved by important groups like the Texas Education Agency, the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools, and Cognia. It’s located in Arlington, Texas. The way they teach is special: one teacher works with one student, so it’s like having your own teacher.

The schedule is also flexible, so it can fit with what each student needs. The diploma you get from this academy is good for getting a job, so it can help you move forward in your career.

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5. Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

VLACS, which stands for Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, offers a wide variety of educational options. One of these is an online high school diploma program that you can do entirely over the internet. This program is designed to be flexible and convenient, so you can do your schoolwork from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

One cool thing about VLACS is that they let you go at your own speed. This means you can learn at a pace that works best for you. They also make sure you have contact with a teacher who can help you when you need it. So, you get a personalized education that supports you.

If you live in New Hampshire, you can get a high school diploma from VLACS for free. But if you’re not in New Hampshire, there might be a cost to join. VLACS also has a program for adults. It offers lots of different opportunities, like finishing high school, getting ready for college or work, learning new things, and even picking up a new language.

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6. Brigham Young University Adult Diploma Program

BYU Online High School is a respected private school that has official approval from important education organizations. They’re recognized by Cognia and the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. This school offers many impressive things, like a complete online diploma program that’s open to students all across the country and around the world.

Apart from their regular classes, BYU Online High School also helps students who might need financial support. This means they want to make sure everyone who wants to study can do so. The school has a long history of 145 years, and during this time, they’ve learned a lot and helped many students. They have certified teachers who are experts in what they teach, and they offer more than 250 different courses for you to choose from.

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7. Franklin Virtual High School

Franklin Virtual High School is another option for adults who want to earn a high school diploma online for free. This school is officially recognized by Cognia and has a lot to offer its students. One good thing is that you can decide to be a full-time student or just take specific classes when you can. The cost for classes is reasonable, starting at $289 for half-credit courses each semester.

They also give discounts to families with more than one student and to military families. The school doesn’t make you sign any contracts, so you only pay for what you use. They also let you learn at your own pace, so you can choose to go full-time or pick from over 200 different high school courses that they have available.

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8. The Whitmore School Adult Diploma Program

Here’s another option for adults looking to get a high school diploma online for free. This school is in Morgantown, WV, and it’s officially recognized by Cognia. The special thing about this school is that you can learn at your own speed. They have a plan for you to finish 6 credits each year.

If you’re interested, the cost of the program is $1599, which you can pay over 12 months. They also give discounts to military members and siblings. With these discounts, you could save up to $160 from the regular price.

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9. Indiana University High School

Indiana University High School is in Bloomington, Indiana, and it’s recognized by Cognia. They have a bunch of courses that you can take at your own speed, and you can finish them in about six months. You can study things like Math, Science, Social Studies, Health Education, and more.

Apart from the classes, the school also offers two types of diplomas: one for getting ready for college and another that’s more standard. This way, they can help students with different plans and goals.

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10. Penn Foster

The last option on our list of free online high school diplomas for adults is Penn Foster. Penn Foster is a private school in Pennsylvania. They have many different programs that you can do by working together with Career Schools, Colleges, and Job Corps programs. If you’re accepted by one of these partner schools, they might pay for your online high school diploma program.

Penn Foster is trusted by many important groups. They have been approved by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), International Accreditors for Continuing Education Training (IACET), Cognia, and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). They also have other approvals and licenses that make them a reliable and good-quality school.

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FAQ on Free Online High School Diploma for Adults

  • What are the methods to obtain a high school diploma quickly?

Getting a real high school diploma in just a few weeks is not realistic. If you want to earn a genuine high school diploma quickly, the best way is to sign up for online courses that allow you to learn at your own speed. You’ll need to put in the required time to finish your lessons, and by doing that, you can graduate as fast as you can.

  • Is it possible for me to obtain my high school diploma online?

Definitely! Both adults and teenagers who aren’t in school can earn a real high school diploma through online programs. These programs are approved by the Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC), a nonprofit group that makes sure distance learning programs are legitimate.

  • What is the price of obtaining a high school diploma online?

If you want to join the adult high school diploma program, it’s $99 every month. For the regular full-time high school diploma program, it’s $129 per month. There might be extra fees for special programs like the honors program. If you prefer to pay for the whole year at once, the annual tuition at Excel High School is $1,290 for the school year.

  • How can I obtain my diploma online without any fees?

Here’s a list of schools that are officially recognized and offer free online programs to get high school diplomas. These programs won’t cost you anything: The Keystone School, Clintondale Virtual School, Park City Independent Online Adult High School, Mizzou K-12 Online High School, Orion High School, Middleton Academy, Penn Foster, James Madison High School Online, Brigham Young University Adult Diploma, and University of Nebraska High School.

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