10 Private universities in Ghana

10 Private universities in Ghana

In West Africa, Ghana has a good education system. Students can go to college there. More and more private universities are opening up in Ghana. They offer different kinds of degrees to help more students get a good education.

These private universities in Ghana are becoming popular because they have great academic programs, modern buildings, and small classes where you can learn better. People like these universities because they make sure students are well-prepared and have the skills they need to do well in their careers.

In Ghana, private universities, like their accredited counterparts in Nigeria, provide good education with respected academic programs.

Benefits of Attending Private Universities in Ghana

Smaller Class Sizes

The number of students in a college class can be different from one college to another. Public colleges usually have bigger classes, while private colleges often have smaller ones. In private colleges, having fewer students in a class means you can talk to your professors more and get more help. This can help you understand the subjects better and do better in your studies.

Quality Education

Private universities often offer a higher level of education because they usually have professors with more experience and research expertise in their fields. This can provide students with more opportunities compared to those in public universities.

Private colleges can offer classes that are personalized to what students want to learn, letting them create their own study plan.

Return on investment

Even though private education can be expensive at first, it gives students more one-on-one time with professors, advisors, and career counselors. These people are there to help students all year round. This support can help students figure out their career path and find jobs more easily.

Overview of 10 Private Universities in Ghana

1. Valley View University

Valley View University is a private school in Oyibi, Ghana. They offer different programs and courses where you can get degrees in subjects like business, theology, law, and education.

In 2021, over 8,000 students were studying at the university, working towards their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

2. Ashesi University College

Ashesi University College in Berekuso, Ghana, is a private non-profit university that focuses on teaching liberal arts.

The university offers different bachelor’s degree programs in subjects like business, computer science, engineering, and humanities. In 2021, around 1,300 students attended Ashesi University College.

3. Ghana Technology University College

GTUC, a school that focuses on teaching technology, has two locations in Accra and Kumasi.

The university offers many different classes in engineering, business, and computing, and it has connections with lots of universities from other countries.

In 2021, about 7,000 students were at GTUC, and they were studying both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

4. Regent University College of Science and Technology

Regent University College of Science and Technology, located in Accra, is a Christian university. They offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in fields like business, computer science, and communications. They are also recognized for their community involvement and commitment to social justice.

In 2021, Regent University College of Science and Technology had around 3,000 students studying in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

5. Central University College

Central University College is a private university in Accra. They offer various academic programs, including business, theology, law, and education.

The university also has collaborations with international universities. In 2021, Central University College had approximately 10,000 students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

6. Wisconsin International University College

Wisconsin International University College is a private university in Accra, which is the capital city of Ghana. This university provides educational opportunities for students who want to study various subjects like business, communications, and computer science. They offer both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

As of 2021, around 4,500 students were studying at Wisconsin International University College. These students were pursuing various degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s programs.

7. Pentecost University College

Pentecost University College is a Christian school in Accra, Ghana. They teach lots of different subjects to students who want to learn, like religion, business, and teaching. They also help students become better people by teaching them good values. Whether you want to study religion, business, or become a teacher, this school has something for you.

Pentecost University College is known for being really good at what it does and for helping others. In 2021, about 3,500 students were studying there, learning lots of things in both basic and advanced courses.

8. Methodist University College Ghana

Methodist University College Ghana is a university linked to the Methodist Church and found in Accra, Ghana. They provide courses for people who want to learn more about subjects like business, law, and education.

This university is well-known for not only teaching academic stuff but also helping students become better people through character development and a well-rounded education.

In 2021, about 6,000 students were attending MUCG, studying various subjects in both basic and advanced courses.

9. African University College of Communications

The African University College of Communications is a private university situated in Accra, Ghana. They offer undergraduate programs in areas like journalism, public relations, and advertising.

AUCC is famous for its commitment to celebrating African culture and heritage. In 2021, around 2,500 students were part of AUCC, studying various subjects at both the basic and advanced levels..

10. Knutsford University College

Knutsford University College is a private school in Accra, Ghana. They teach students different subjects in areas like business, law, and education, and they really like to help students become good at starting their own businesses and coming up with new ideas. In the year 2021, about 1,500 students were studying at Knutsford University College. They were learning different things in both basic and advanced courses.


In Ghana, there’s a group called the National Accreditation Board (NAB). Their job is to make sure all the colleges and universities in the country, whether they’re run by the government or private folks, are up to a certain standard. The schools we talked about earlier, like Pentecost University College, Methodist University College Ghana, and Knutsford University College, have been given the green light by the NAB.

This means they’ve met the NAB’s rules for things like what they teach, their buildings, the qualifications of their teachers, and other important stuff. So, if you go to one of these schools, you can be pretty sure that your education meets the basic standards set by the NAB.

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