2 Dental schools in Georgia that do Implants

2 Dental schools in Georgia that do Implants

Welcome to my helpful guide about Dental schools in Georgia that do Implants. These are the only dental schools in the state and they provide excellent education and training for people who want to become dental professionals. In this article, I’ll tell you all about these two schools, including what they teach, who teaches there, and how good they are at doing dental implants.

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In Georgia, there are two primary schools where people learn to become dentists.

Overview of Dental schools in Georgia that do implants

1. Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University

The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University is a respected dental school in Georgia. They teach people to become really good dentists who care about their patients. They have two kinds of education: one before you become a dentist and one after. They teach a lot about different parts of dentistry, like fixing teeth (general dentistry), oral surgery, making fake teeth (prosthodontics), straightening teeth (orthodontics), and more.

At the Dental College of Georgia, they teach students how to put dental implants in and make them look and work like real teeth. They teach them how to plan and do the surgery, fix the teeth on the implants, and take care of the patients. Students also get to practice these skills in real clinics with teachers watching over them.

The Dental College of Georgia has really modern and high-tech classrooms and tools. This helps students learn better. The teachers are experienced and really care about teaching students well. They want to make sure students learn everything they need to know.

After finishing the program, students from the Dental College of Georgia are ready to take care of their patients’ teeth. They have learned everything they need to know about dental care, including implants. They have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to do implant procedures and give good care to people’s teeth.

2. Georgia School of Orthodontics

The Georgia School of Orthodontics is a well-known dental school in Georgia. They mainly teach people to become orthodontists, who work with braces and straightening teeth. But they also teach about implant dentistry. This way, students learn about both orthodontics and implants, so they have a good understanding of both areas.

At the Georgia School of Orthodontics, students get a good education. They learn about the ideas behind it, how to do it in real situations, and also practice with real patients. They are taught how to plan treatments with implants, do the surgery, fix the teeth on them, and take care of patients. They also learn how to use implants with orthodontics when it’s needed.

The Georgia School of Orthodontics wants to teach students how to use implant dentistry in their work. They mainly focus on orthodontics, but by also teaching implant dentistry, students can offer more types of treatment to their patients.

FAQ on Dental schools in Georgia that do implants

What is the duration of dental school in Georgia?

It is a 4-year program.

Degrees and Coursework:

When students finish the four-year dental program and pass the National Boards I & II exams, they receive a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree.

What is the price range for implants in Georgia?

To begin, here are the generally accepted figures: The average cost of placing and restoring a single dental implant typically falls between $3,000 and $6,000 per implant. The typical cost usually hovers around $4,500.

What is the duration of dental implant durability?

Typically, a dental implant can stay in your mouth for a long time, like 10 to 30 years. So, if you get one when you’re not too old, it’s likely to last your whole life. Other ways to replace teeth don’t usually last as long.

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