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5 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

5 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

In a world where taking good care of and helping children grow is really important, it’s also really important to have the right skills and knowledge. Whether you already work with kids and want to learn more, or you’re interested in starting to work in childcare, the internet has given us a lot of ways to learn and get better.

This article, “5 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates,” is here to help you find good courses that you don’t have to pay for. These courses will teach you important things and even give you certificates to show you’ve learned. Let’s look at these helpful courses that will give you good ideas and proof that you’re great at taking care of kids.

Overview of 5 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

1) Attachment in the Early Years

Most likely, teachers and caregivers know about Bowlby’s attachment theory. This theory helps them take care of children in every way, like making sure they’re healthy, happy, and have good social experiences. To make this work, teachers or caregivers, parents, and kids need to work together.

In the six-hour study program, you’ll learn a lot about adapting to different situations and how to handle them. The tests at the end will help you feel more sure about your teaching job. You can check what you’ve learned and practiced all through the course until you finish the last lesson.

2) Parental Separation – Implications for the School

This is a free online class about when parents separate. It helps school staff understand how this can affect them and explains what schools need to do in these situations.

The class talks about different things like when parents split up, what rights parents have, problems about who the child lives with, when courts get involved, kids who need special care, how schools talk with parents, and what parents need to do when picking up their child from school.

At the beginning, it explains what guardianship means and what guardians need to do to make sure the child is okay in things like school, health, religion, and life overall.

Also, sometimes it’s better for kids to learn by doing things instead of just reading. This class gives ideas on how to teach this way in schools, daycare centers, and at home. So, it’s not just about learning from books.

The class can be finished in around 1.5 to 3 hours.

3) Challenging Behavior in Children

When you take this course, you will learn a lot about difficult behaviors in kids. You’ll figure out how to see if the behavior is a problem and how to make it better.

You’ll also learn about other things that can happen at the same time, like learning problems, feeling bad in the mind, trouble with senses, and autism, and how they make tough behavior happen. The course will help you know what to do to help kids who have these kinds of hard behaviors.

In the class, there will be different tests to see how well you learned from the lessons.

The course takes about four weeks to finish. This gives you enough time to really understand how to deal with behaviors that are hard for children.

4) Introduction to Child Psychology

This class works for everyone, whether you’re just starting to learn about this topic, know a bit already, or are really good and want to remember things. It’s a big program that talks about how to take care of people using things you can see, hear, and read.

In the class, you’ll learn a lot about how kids grow and how their minds get strong. It also helps you know how to talk and teach kids better, which is good for teachers who want to get better at teaching.

The class takes about 8 hours to finish. This gives you enough time to learn all the stuff and understand more about how taking care of people works.

5) Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health

In this class, you will really understand mental health problems that affect kids and teenagers. You’ll also learn about the rules and advice about mental health, like what the law says. The class will talk about things that can make mental health better or worse and how mental health issues can change how young people act and how it affects people around them.

This free online class is great if you want to know more about kids’ mental health. It’s good for students who want to learn more. Also, if you want to get a better job in health, caring for people, or teaching, this class will help.

The class takes about four weeks to finish.

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  • What is the typical monthly salary for a daycare worker?

On average, daycare workers in the United States earn between $2,000 and $2,708 per month. Most of them make around this range, with some making more, up to $3,833, and some making less, down to $1,333 each month.

  • Is it necessary to have a license to be employed at a daycare in Texas?

In Texas, there’s a rule in Chapter 42 of the Human Resources Code. It says that people who manage a place where kids are taken care of need to get a license from Child Care Licensing. But, the same chapter also says that some special programs and places don’t need this license and are exempt from the rule.

  • How many children are allowed in a home daycare in Texas?

In Texas, a home daycare can watch over up to 12 kids who are 13 years old or younger, all at once. This count includes children who are part of the caregiver’s family. The daycare has to be open for at least two hours but not more than 24 hours each day, and it should run for at least three days a week. The care happens in the main caregiver’s own home.

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