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6 Best apps for nursing students

6 Best apps for nursing students

Are you seeking a great or the best way to boost your exam or test scores as a nursing student or nurse? Are you searching for an effective way to enhance your studies? Then incorporating study apps into your study routine could be the answer.

Lofty Scholars offers a selection of the best apps for nursing students. Whether you are in your first year of nursing school, a graduate, or already a nurse, utilizing these apps is likely to be beneficial throughout your nursing career.

Best Apps For Nursing Students 

  1. Nursing Central

Nursing Central is one of the top apps for nursing students, providing detailed information on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures. It is designed to help nurses and students become more efficient by providing instant access to information when needed.

With Nursing Central, you can easily consult the updated database of 5,000 drugs, find a definition in the dictionary with 75,000+ entries, interpret hundreds of laboratory and diagnostic tests, and get the latest disease information. Additionally, you can search the entire PubMed database and study unfamiliar topics using the exclusive study system, Grasp™ – all from your mobile device.

Nursing Central is a comprehensive resource that helps nursing students and professionals stay informed and up-to-date on the latest information in the field.

  1. Medscape

Medscape is a popular online platform for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. It aims to provide a personalized experience to its users. The Medscape app offers the latest medical news and expert commentary in their respective specialties. It also provides drug and disease-related information, relevant professional education, and CME/CE activities.

One of the best things about the Medscape app is that it allows you to access all these features for free. You can access the information you need, when you need it, without any charge.

  1. Med Mnemonics

The Med Mnemonics app focuses on various areas such as the abdomen and pelvis, neuroanatomy, cranial nerves, tendons and ligaments, muscles and bones, arteries and veins, diaphragmatic levels, genitals, and nerve plexus, among others.

This medical mnemonics app provides a clear description of the entire anatomical parts of the body, including upper limb, lower limb, head and neck, and thorax mnemonics.

  1. Pedi STAT

Pedi-STAT is a quick reference tool designed for healthcare professionals, such as RNs, paramedics, and physicians, who are caring for pediatric patients in emergency or critical care settings. Pedi-STAT offers several features, including speedy results for airway interventions such as endotracheal tube sizes, depth, intubation medication dosages, ventilator settings, and sedation. It also provides cardiac resuscitation data, including weight-specific dosages for resuscitation medications, cardioversion, and defibrillation.

In addition, Pedi-STAT offers access to age and weight-specific pediatric equipment, such as foley catheters, airway management tools, chest and NG tubes, peripheral and central line sizes, and more. Other features include seizure medication dosages, age-specific dextrose concentrations for the management of hypoglycemia, reference of age-specific normal vital signs, procedural sedation dosages (including single-dose medications and infusions, as well as reversal agents), calculated pain management medications, and medical management of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

  1. MDCalc Medical Calculator

The MDCalc Medical Calculator offers several features, including offline functionality and limited connection support (CME tracking necessitates a connection). Users can quickly and easily search and filter through calculators, and create customized lists for speedy access to frequently used or specialty-specific tools. Additionally, the app automatically syncs with the website and allows for quick toggling between US and SI units. Error warnings and normal values are also provided to help prevent mistakes and ensure accurate inputs.

The Diseases Dictionary Medical serves as a clinical advisor for self-diagnosis and symptom, disease, and treatment lookup. This free medical disease handbook can function as a home doctor for common illnesses and treatment codes. It is available as a medical diseases dictionary free download.

The FREE Diseases Dictionary Medical App offers the following features:

  • Works offline without internet access.
  • Provides detailed descriptions of major medical conditions and diseases.
  • Offers information on the treatment of diseases, including medical conditions and symptoms, medication information, medication interactions, and drug side effects.
  • Includes a medical reference book and thesaurus that covers all medical terminologies and abbreviations.
  • Provides prescription drug information along with pill descriptions in the treatment section.
  • Offers a physician’s desk reference and pharmaceuticals dictionary.
  • Serves as a handy pocket guide for nurses to use as an emergency reference.
  1. Diseases Dictionary Medical

This medical disease hand book can act as a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and can also be used to look up symptoms, diseases and treatment. Medical diseases dictionary free download is like a FREE Doctor at home for common diseases and treatment codes.

Diseases dictionary FREE – Medical App Features:

  • Works Offline without internet.
  • Detailed description of all major medical conditions and diseases.
  • Information regarding treatment of diseases for all medical conditions and symptoms along with medication information, medication interaction and drug side effects.
  • Medical reference book and thesaurus covering all medical terminologies and abbreviations.
  • Prescription drug info along with pill description is provided in the treatment section.
  • Physicians desk reference and pharmaceuticals dictionary.
  • A handy free pocket guide for nurses for use as an emergency guide.

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