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6 Best apps for nursing students

6 Best apps for nursing students

Do you want to improve your exam scores as a nursing student or nurse? Are you looking for a good way to make your studying better? Using study apps might be the solution.

Lofty Scholars has a bunch of best apps for nursing students. No matter if you’re just starting nursing school, already finished, or working as a nurse, these apps can help you do well in your nursing career.

Overview of Best Apps For Nursing Students 

1) Nursing Central

Nursing Central is a great app for nursing students. It gives you lots of detailed information about diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures. This app is made to help nurses and students work better by giving them fast access to information when they need it.

With Nursing Central, you can easily look up the latest information about 5,000 drugs. You can also find word meanings in a dictionary with over 75,000 words. It helps you understand hundreds of tests and see what they mean, and you can also find out the newest facts about diseases. Additionally, you can search a big database called PubMed and learn about new topics using the special study system called Grasp™ – all on your phone or tablet.

Nursing Central is a complete resource that helps nursing students and professionals keep learning and stay updated on the newest things in their field.

2) Medscape

The Medscape app is really helpful for nursing students. Medscape is a well-liked website used by doctors and healthcare workers all over the world. It’s made to give each user their own special experience.

The Medscape app shares the most recent medical news and expert opinions in different medical fields. It also gives information about medicines and diseases, education that’s useful for your profession, and activities to earn credits.

The great thing about the Medscape app is that you can use all of these things for free. You can get the information you want whenever you want it, without having to pay anything.

3) Med Mnemonics

Here’s another app that’s great for nursing students: Med Mnemonics. This app is all about helping you remember important medical information. It covers lots of different areas like the belly and pelvis, the brain’s structure, important nerves, tendons and ligaments, muscles and bones, veins and arteries, diaphragm levels, private parts, and nerve bunches, and more.

With this app, you get easy-to-understand explanations of all the body parts, like the arms and legs, the head and neck, and the chest. It uses clever tricks to help you remember things better.

4) Pedi STAT

Pedi-STAT is a tool that helps doctors, nurses, and paramedics take care of sick children in emergencies. It’s like a quick guide with a lot of helpful information. It can tell you things like how to put a tube in a child’s throat to help them breathe, how much medicine to give, and how to use machines to help them breathe.

It also has information about what to do if a child’s heart stops beating. It tells you how much medicine to use to start the heart again and how to use machines to shock the heart back to normal.

Pedi-STAT also has details about special tools for children, like tubes that go into the body, and how much medicine to give to stop seizures or low blood sugar. It even has information about what’s normal for a child’s body, like their heartbeat and breathing. It helps with giving medicine to make children calm during procedures and how to treat allergies or bad reactions to things.

5) MDCalc Medical Calculator

The MDCalc Medical Calculator has a bunch of helpful things you can use. You don’t always need to be connected to the internet to use it, but if you want to track your education credits, you’ll need a connection.

You can easily find different calculators and make lists of the ones you use a lot. It’s made to be quick and simple. It also works with the website, so you can switch between different ways of measuring things. It can warn you if there might be a mistake and tell you what’s normal to make sure you put in the right information.

6) Diseases Dictionary Medical

The Diseases Dictionary Medical is a useful tool that tells you about different sicknesses, what they make you feel like, and how to make them better. It’s for people who want to learn about their own health issues. You can get this dictionary for free.

Here are some important things about the FREE Diseases Dictionary Medical App:

  • You can use it even if you’re not connected to the internet.
  • It explains in detail about big health problems.
  • It tells you how to treat sicknesses, like what they feel like, what medicines to take, and what might happen if you take more than one medicine.
  • It has a big book of medical words and a list of words that mean the same thing.
  • You can find out about prescription medicines and what they do to help you get better.
  • It’s helpful for nurses when they need quick information in emergencies.

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