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7 Online Learning Apps for Physics Students

7 Online Learning Apps for Physics Students

Are you a student preparing for an exam, or a professional in need of refreshing your knowledge on certain concepts? This guide on online learning apps for physics will assist you in comprehending and learning physics at your own pace.

Technology has played a significant role in education, particularly in individualized learning. Educators can use a variety of online resources to assist their students in various subject areas, such as Maths, Science, Languages, and History.

Physics is one of the most fascinating subjects, as it helps us understand the world around us and ourselves. It’s not only about formulas and theories but also about everything that surrounds us, and we experience it every moment.

In this guide, we’ve collected the seven best online learning apps for physics that can be used on your Android mobile. They not only help you refresh your knowledge but also assist you in comprehending this science. Additionally, they provide excellent support for solving simple and complex problems. All of these apps are available on the Google Play Store and are among the most popular, downloaded, and highly rated in the store.

7 Online Learning Apps for Physics Students

In an effort to assist students with their physics problems, we present our top selections from the Google Play Store. We hope that in the near future, additional online learning apps will be accessible, containing more information and providing us the ability to solve complete physics problems with just a few taps.

  1. Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics is an online learning app that physics students can boast about. It is an easy-to-use and free educational app that covers most of the vital concepts, equations, and formulas of physics. This educational application is a must-have guide, whether you want to refresh your knowledge, prepare for an exam, or simply refresh the core concepts of physics.

Pocket Physics offers concise explanations of critical concepts taught in an introductory physics course, ranging from linear motion to astronomy. It is also a perfect reference, filled with formulas, equations, and images for students who need help with physics homework assignments.

Key features:

  • Focuses on key topics only
  • Each topic includes formulas, equations, and detailed descriptions with images
  • Ideal for students who want to complete physics homework assignments quickly and accurately
  • Great for reviewing critical physics concepts
  • Suitable for all levels of physics, from primary school to university
  1. Complete Physics

Complete Physics is one of the top online learning apps used by physics students. It is an app for any student planning to learn or become proficient in physics. The main goal of this app is to help students improve their understanding of physics. You can learn through tutorials that cover a wide range of physics topics.

This app is also enhanced with a physics quiz to help you practice your knowledge of physics on the go. Additionally, you can use the physics dictionary to access many physics terms and definitions.

Furthermore, there is a physics note section where you can jot down or save notes on items you want to remember or a summary of certain concepts in physics.

  1. Physics Pro 2022 – Notes

Physics Pro is an excellent physics app that is available on Android. This application provides free physics topics, definitions, formulas, and a beautifully designed formula calculator that can fit in your pocket. It helps you refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams, solve your physics homework, and expand your knowledge.

This educational application is suitable for all levels of physics, from primary school to university. Its material design with a clean interface allows students to focus on specific areas of the subject.


  • More than 25 crucial physics concepts
  • All the constants required for studying physics
  • A brief overview of basic maths for revision
  • A physics dictionary with over 500 definitions
  • An elegant formula calculator
  • Instant homework solutions
  • Information about famous physicists who have contributed to physics
  • A dark theme for late-night study sessions
  • Ability to search anything in physics
  1. PhyWiz – Physics Solver

PhyWiz is a Physics Solver that provides step-by-step solutions for your physics homework. You can get answers to questions in over 30 physics topics, such as Kinematics, Forces, Gravity, and Quantum Physics. You can ask PhyWiz questions like “What is the momentum if the mass is 6 and velocity is 7?” and get an instant answer.

The key features of PhyWiz include:

  • Quick solution to any physics question
  • Access to over 100 equations
  • More than 300 free physics questions to practice
  • Instant answers to your questions

The current version of PhyWiz supports a wide range of topics, including Alternating Currents, Blackbody Radiation, Capacitance, Circular Motion, Diffraction Grating, Double-Slit Experiment, Dynamics, Efficiency, Elasticity, Electric Field, Electricity, Electromagnetism, Energy, Friction, Gases, Gravitation, Hydrostatics, Kinematics, Lenses, Mass-Energy Equivalence, Nuclear Decay, Optics, Orbits, Parabolic Motion, Photoelectric Effect, Power, Quantum Physics, Quantum Tunelling, Relativity, Simple Harmonic Motion, Thermal Physics, Transformers, Uncertainty Principle, Vectors, and Waves.

  1. Monster Physics®

Monster Physics® is an app that allows you to build and operate your own car, crane, rocket ship, plane, helicopter, tank, and more while playing with physics! With three activities including missions, building, and learning, this app is both fun and educational for children and adults alike.

In the building section, you can construct any object you can imagine using the 68 parts provided. With the missions activity, you can complete various challenges or just enjoy the fun of building. Additionally, in the learning section, children can learn common physics vocabulary terms to further their understanding of the principles of physics.

This game is suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2, but also has elements for higher key stages. The app teaches the basic principles of physics, such as friction, rotation, mass, speed, and velocity, making it a great educational tool for students.

  1. Basic Physics

The application is designed to provide quick access to any physics subject or formula, making it a useful reference tool.

However, simply memorizing equations is insufficient; it is crucial to gain a deep understanding of the subject. Developing a study routine that includes reviewing previously studied content in addition to learning new material is the most effective strategy. It’s essential to note that memorizing formulas without knowing how to apply them is pointless; understanding the theory is equally important.

This application is ideal for high school and university students who need to recall fundamental concepts and formulas.

  1. Visual Physics

Visual Physics is an online learning app designed for physics students. It offers a comprehensive animated video course for senior high school/secondary level students who are preparing for competitive exams such as AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, and AP Physics C: Mechanics, and ACT Physics.

This app can help you learn physics concepts in less than 30% of your time compared to traditional methods. You can start by watching short conceptual videos with powerful visualizations that provide a crystal-clear understanding of physics concepts. After that, you can move on to understanding video solutions of different types of problems and then solve more problems yourself.

Some of the features of Visual Physics include:

  • 500+ short conceptual videos
  • In-depth discussion of each topic
  • Clarification of potential points of confusion
  • Challenging questions to test conceptual understanding
  • 3500+ problems with videos and text solutions
  • Visual tricks to solve problems faster
  • Offline access to videos (internet connection required once a week)

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