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8 Free online masters degree courses with certificates

8 Free online masters degree courses with certificates

Welcome to a time when learning opportunities are limitless. Getting a higher education isn’t just about going to regular schools anymore. The internet age has brought a new way to learn things easily. This means anyone, no matter who they are, can get better at what they do. In this article, I am going to tell you about eight really good Free online masters degree courses with certificates.

These courses aren’t just about learning a little bit—they help you become an expert. And the best part is, you can fit your learning around your own schedule. So get ready to grow your smarts and move up in your career. We’re going to look at some amazing online courses that don’t cost anything, and the certificates you get will show how committed you are to learning in the modern world.

Overview of Free online masters degree courses with certificates

1. Master of Business Administration

Columbia College has a one-year program called Master of Business Administration (MBA) that helps students get ready for higher-up jobs in managing businesses.

In this program, you’ll take 36 classes. These classes teach you both the ideas and the practical stuff about business. This will help you learn more about how to lead companies in a smart way.

2. MBA program in Management

The University of People has a management MBA program that takes at least 15 months to finish. You’ll need to spend around 15 to 20 hours every week on your coursework.

In this program, you’ll take 12 classes, which equals 36 credits. You’ll get to learn about running businesses and leading communities in a practical way. After you finish, you can find jobs in different areas like sales, managing, human resources, money stuff, banking, marketing, and accounting.

3. Master’s degree in Computer Science

Georgia Tech has a Master’s degree in Computer Science that you can do online. They worked with Udacity and AT&T to make this program. Since it started in 2014, more than 25,000 people have applied, and almost 9,000 students have joined.

Georgia Tech also gives out something called “MicroMasters” certificates. You can get these certificates on websites like edX, Coursera, or Udacity. Most of the time, these programs don’t cost anything, but if you want a certificate to show you finished, there’s a small fee.

4. Master of Health Administration (MHA) program in Health Care Administration

IICSE University has a one-year program called Master of Health Administration (MHA) in Health Care Administration. It’s all about learning how to manage health care well.

This program teaches graduates a lot about Applied Health Administration. This helps them understand and fix complicated problems in the Health Sector.

5. Master of Law in International Law

The Master of Law in International Law program at IICSE University is a one-year program. It’s all about studying International public law.

In this program, students learn a lot about the basics of international law, how it has changed over the 1900s, and how it matters in today’s global matters. It helps them become better at understanding and dealing with international legal issues.

6. MSc in Financial Engineering (MScFE)

World Quant University has a two-year program called Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MScFE). This program helps students learn how to talk about and explain ideas in a professional business environment.

The program has nine advanced courses and a final project course. There’s a short break between each course. When students finish, they’re ready for jobs in banking and finance. They also get a verified degree from Cradley that they can share with others.

7. Master of Arts in Teaching

Columbia College’s Master of Arts in Teaching program takes one year to complete and consists of 36 credits.

This program is designed to be flexible and helps students become leaders in the field of education.

8. Master of Arts in Social Sciences

The School of Business and Trade has a program called Master of Arts in Social Sciences. It’s a 60-credit program. This program helps students become better at dealing with current social issues, managing resources, running things, and understanding different cultures.

When students finish the program, they get a PDF certificate and a transcript to show what they’ve learned.


  • Q1: Are free online master’s degree courses with certificates legitimate?

Yes, legitimate universities and institutions do offer online master’s degree courses for free, along with the option to obtain certificates upon completion. However, it’s important to ensure that the program is accredited and recognized by relevant educational authorities to ensure its legitimacy and value in your field of study.

  • Q2: How can I find free online master’s degree courses with certificates?

You can discover free online master’s degree courses with certificates on platforms such as Coursera, edX, and FutureLearn. These websites collaborate with respected universities to offer quality courses. Furthermore, you can directly visit the official websites of universities that provide online courses to find information about their free master’s degree programs.

  • Q3: What are the benefits of earning a free online master’s degree with a certificate?

Acquiring a free online master’s degree with a certificate can offer you valuable expertise in your field, enhance your resume, and open up new career opportunities. The certificate can demonstrate to potential employers that you’ve completed a rigorous program and possess the necessary skills in your area of expertise.

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