4 Best medical schools in Bulgaria For International Student

4 Best medical schools in Bulgaria For International Student

Bulgarian universities are well-known for being really good at different kinds of science, like medicine, math, computer stuff, engineering, chemistry, biology, language studies, and more.

Lofty Scholars has compiled a list of the best medical schools in Bulgaria, offering affordable education with access to excellent infrastructure and highly qualified faculty.

Of course, let’s go over the important points before we get into the list.

Study medicine in Bulgaria

Medical programs usually last for six years, allowing students to gain practical experience in university hospitals. Because the tuition fees are low, lots of students from other countries choose to study medicine in Bulgaria. Also, many students end up earning a master’s degree.

In this article, I’ve gathered a list of the best medical schools in Bulgaria, and they’re located in different cities across the country.

Why do people choose to study in Bulgaria?

Many students pick Bulgaria for their studies because it’s not too expensive to study there, and living costs are low.

Bulgarian universities have simple admission rules, and their degrees are well-known worldwide, which is good for students who want a good education without spending too much money.

Bulgaria’s high quality education

Bulgaria is famous for both its affordable tuition fees and its excellent education. It’s in the middle of Europe and is part of the European Union, so students can find many chances to boost their careers through education.

List of Best medical schools in Bulgaria

1) Medical University of Sofia

The Medical University of Sofia, which started in 1917 as a part of Sofia University, is the oldest place for medical education in Bulgaria. It has a long history of 96 years and is the biggest medical university in the country.

This university has lots of experience and traditions in teaching both Bulgarian and foreign students. It’s a state university approved by the Evaluation and Accreditation National Agency of Bulgaria.

In the 2015 university rankings, the Medical University of Sofia is highly respected and is seen as the top choice for education in five professional areas: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Care, and Public Health.

More than 6,000 students study there, with over 1,600 of them coming from other countries. The university also has a faculty of over 800 professors and lecturers.

2) Medical University of Plovdiv

The Medical University of Plovdiv is another excellent medical school in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1945 and provides a wide variety of medical courses. The university has faculties for Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, and Public Health.

It offers even more than that – there’s a Department of Languages and Specialized Training, a medical college, and a big hospital with 2000 beds. The university gives students access to labs, clinics, and units for things like diagnosis, treatment, research, and medical and dental training.

For studying and research, students can use the Central University Library, which has around 170,000 books in many languages. They also have an internet area and a local network system. Students can access resources like Medline and Micromedex. The university also publishes a journal called Folia Medica, which is shared with more than 326 experts from over 54 countries that are part of Medline.

Every year, the Medical University of Plovdiv teaches over 3800 students, both from Bulgaria and other countries.

3) Medical University of Varna

The Medical University of Varna (MU-Varna) is a Bulgarian university focused on teaching people about medicine and healthcare. They offer different degrees like Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Professional Bachelor’s.

This university is legally recognized and involved in various activities. They train professionals, including PhD students, provide education for medical and non-medical experts, offer medical services, do research, cooperate internationally in education and science, and are active in various areas like administration, sports, publishing, and information.

In 2008, MU-Varna became the first Bulgarian university to use the EFQM model for Business Excellence from the European Foundation for Quality Management. Their diplomas are accepted in all European Union countries.

4) Pleven Medical University

Pleven Medical University is one of Bulgaria’s four medical universities and is considered one of the top medical schools in the country. It’s located in the city of Pleven and has a unique history. It was established in 1974, but its roots go back to a regional hospital founded in 1865.

The university has impressive facilities, including a modern preclinical base, specialized clinics in a hospital, and research sections. It’s divided into two faculties: one for Medicine, which covers areas like medicine, rehabilitation, and occupational therapy, and another for Public Health, which focuses on healthcare. They also have a college with programs in Medical Laboratory Assistant, Radiology Laboratory Assistant, and Social Worker. For students, there are two hostels with a total of 315 beds in two- and three-bed rooms.

In 1997, Pleven Medical University started offering an English-language medicine program for international students, making it the first in Bulgaria to do so. Over time, it has welcomed thousands of Bulgarian and foreign students from various countries. After Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, most international students come from other EU member states.

The university offers various courses through its faculties and college. The Faculty of Medicine covers medicine, while the Faculty of Public Health offers specialties like Health Management, Nursing, Midwifery, and Medicinal Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy.

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