5 Best Medical schools in Egypt For International Students

5 Best Medical schools in Egypt For International Students

Here’s a list that shows the best medical schools in Egypt, they are the best when it comes to doing medical research. If you want to become a really good doctor, it’s important to go to one of these top schools. Egypt has some of these schools that can give you this opportunity.

Universities and schools in Egypt are well-known and respected for their education. They offer great programs for students like you, whether you want a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree. You have many good options to choose from in Egypt’s top universities.

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Overview Of The Best medical schools in Egypt

1) Mansoura University

Mansoura University’s Medical School started in 1962, ten years after the university was created. It was like a part of Cairo University at first. This school is in the middle of the Nile Delta and is one of the best medical schools in Egypt. It has helped a lot of people in Mansoura and Egypt to be healthy.

People really know and respect Mansoura Medical School because it works hard to be great in teaching doctors, doing research, taking care of health, and helping the community. The school wants to be known worldwide for its medical education and research.

2) Cairo University

Cairo University, originally called the Egyptian University between 1908 and 1940, and later King Fuad I University and Fu’ad al-Awwal University from 1940 to 1952, is the top public university in Egypt. Its main campus is in Giza, across the Nile from Cairo, and it was created on December 21, 1908.

Cairo University offers education and research opportunities to students and scholars from Egypt and around the world. It’s famous worldwide. This university in Giza, Egypt, has a big goal: to prepare students with the skills they need to succeed in their careers, which change fast. They use technology and interactive learning to do that.

Cairo University has 26 faculties and institutes for different subjects. About 220,000 students study there.

3) Alexandria University

Alexandria University is a government-run school in Alexandria, Egypt. It started in 1938 as part of Fouad University (which later became Cairo University) but became its own university in 1942. At first, it was called Farouk University, but in 1952, it changed to the University of Alexandria.

This university has 23 different departments, and one of them is very famous: the Faculty of Medicine. People really like the Medical School at Alexandria because it’s one of the best in Egypt, especially if you want to study medicine in the country.

4) Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Medicine, also known as the School of Medicine, is a school in Egypt. It’s part of Ain Shams University. It’s one of the biggest medical schools in Africa and the Middle East. They started it in 1947, and it’s the third oldest medical school in Egypt.

This school teaches more than 6,000 students who want to become doctors. Some are in their early years, and others are doing more advanced studies. They also have a hospital that helps over a million patients every year.

The goal of this school is to make really good doctors who can compete with others locally and in the region. They want their students to follow the rules of being a good doctor and help society by doing research and providing healthcare. They also care about the environment.

5) Tanta University

Tanta University is a university in Egypt, and it’s in the city of Tanta, in Al Gharbiyah governorate. The government’s Ministry of Higher Education looks after it.

They started the Tanta University Faculty of Medicine in 1962. It’s a really good public medical school in Tanta, Egypt. People think it’s one of the best medical schools in the country. The university is run by President Mahmoud Zaki and the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Prof. Ahmed Ghoneim. They have a great team of teachers and more than 132,788 students. Most of the students are studying for their bachelor’s degrees, but some are doing more advanced studies.

Last year, there were about 3,644 students in the classroom, and almost half of them were female.

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