5 Best medical schools in France For International Students

5 Best medical schools in France For International Students

If you want to find the best medical schools in France for international students, keep reading to learn about the top five. you can also visit my previous article on Best Medical Schools in Australia For International Students.

In France, there are many medical schools for international students to pick from. It’s important to know all about the medical schools you’re thinking about. Also, think about how much money you have when you choose a medical school.

Overview of Best medical schools in France

1) Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University, also known as the University of Paris, was a famous place to learn in Paris, France, for a really long time, from 1150 to 1970 (except for a break during the French Revolution). It started as part of a school connected to Notre Dame Cathedral in 1150 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe.

They teach medicine at Sorbonne University in different levels, from the basic integrated program to advanced courses like DES, DESC, DU, and DIU. Most classes happen at two places: Pitié-Salpêtrière and Saint-Antoine.

They also teach other healthcare stuff like speech therapy, psychomotricity, and orthoptics. And they have a school for midwives at the Saint-Antoine location too.

2) Aix-Marseille University (Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences)

Aix-Marseille University, found in Provence, is a respected public medical school in France. It goes way back to 1409 when Louis II of Anjou started Provence University.

Their Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences is all about training future healthcare pros. They offer lots of programs for people learning medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and other healthcare stuff.

Aix-Marseille University came together when they combined the University of Provence, Mediterranean, and Paul Cezanne University. Now, it’s the biggest school in France, with more than 80,000 people applying each year.

3) University Of Montpellier

The University of Montpellier is the oldest medical school in the Western world that still works today. Inside, you’ll see pictures of famous professors, like François Rabelais, dressed up all fancy.

The Faculty of Medicine at Montpellier has some special stuff. They’ve got a library with ancient books – 900 written by hand, 300 really old printed ones, and 100,000 books from before 1800. They also keep all the theses written by students from Montpellier and Paris since the 17th century.

This medical school is all about giving excellent education and doing advanced research in medicine. They have a big program, modern buildings, and a bunch of respected medical teachers. The University of Montpellier Medical School prepares students to be really good and caring healthcare workers.

4) University of Paris-Saclay

The Paris-Saclay Medical School started in 1968. It’s part of Paris-Saclay University and is in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, Val-de-Marne, France. The dean says it’s the medical school of the first university in France and one of the best in the country.

This medical school is in a great place for medical and science stuff. They do different kinds of research, like clinical stuff, basic stuff, and stuff that helps both. They check how well the research groups are doing every five years. Right now, they have 25 groups doing research at ten different places. These groups work closely with the university’s graduate schools, hospitals where they teach, and other important French research places.

5) Claude Bernard University Lyon 1

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 is one of the three public universities in Lyon, France. It’s really good at teaching science and tech, medicine, and sports science. They named it after a famous French scientist, Claude Bernard. This university started in 1971 when they combined the ‘Faculté des Sciences de Lyon’ with the ‘Faculté de Médecine.’

Lyon 1 School of Medicine teaches lots of different medical stuff like general medicine, surgery, taking care of kids, helping people with mental health, and more. They teach students all about medical science, how to take care of patients, and how to be kind healthcare workers.

The school has modern buildings and labs where they do new medical research and learn more about medicine.

Since January 2009, the university has been doing its thing on its own, managing a big budget and having about 2,857 teachers and staff in 2020.

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