5 Best medical schools in Italy

5 Best medical schools in Italy

This blog talks about the best medical schools in Italy that are great for international students. Italy is a popular place for students from other countries who want to study medicine or get an MBBS degree because it has some of Europe’s best medical universities. Right now, there are 19 medical colleges in Italy where you can study medicine and surgery in English.

These medical universities can be either public or private. Both types of universities provide excellent quality education and differ only in costs and international exposure. While public universities offer lower fees, private universities offer more opportunities for international exposure.

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Overview of Best medical schools in Italy For International Student

1. University of Milan

The International Medical School (IMS) is a public medical school in Milan, Italy, connected to the University of Milan. It’s recognized worldwide and ranks among the top 100 medical schools globally.

They have a six-year program that’s divided into two parts. The first two years focus on subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and microbiology. The next four years involve working in hospitals. IMS likes to teach using real problems, different subjects, and practical medical skills. Students can also study in other countries through the Erasmus Programme.

All classes are in English, but students also have to learn Italian.

To graduate, students need to write and defend a final thesis in English. After finishing, they get the title of Dottore magistrale, which is like a Doctor of Medicine in English.

2. Sapienza University of Rome

The Sapienza University of Rome, located in Rome, Italy, has been providing good education since 1303. They believe that education is very important for a society and should be taken care of. So, they have made really good schools like the University of Rome La Sapienza Medical School to make sure people get a good education.

This medical school has different courses and three main parts: Medicine & Dentistry, Medicine & Pharmacy, and Medicine & Psychology. These parts work together to make a really good medical school that is known all around the world.

The University of Rome La Sapienza has been teaching medicine for over 200 years. They are very good at it, and they make professionals who can make healthcare better. Also, they have a history of making great medical students who do really well in their jobs.

3. University of Bologna

The University of Bologna has one of the oldest medical schools, starting way back in 1179. We’re going to talk about what makes this medical school special compared to others.

Here, the medicine program takes six years, split into 12 parts. Starting from the third year, students spend around 1020 hours doing practical training. In the third year, it’s 4 CFU and 68 hours. Then, in the fourth year, it’s 10 CFU and 170 hours.

When students reach the fifth year, they do 17 CFU and 289 hours of training. Finally, in the last year, they do 29 CFU and 393 hours.

What makes this school different is that in the final year, students have to do a research presentation. They work closely with a professor to show how well they know medicine and how much they’ve learned from the University of Bologna medical school.

4. University of Turin

The University of Turin, which started in 1404, asked Antonio Cusano, the city’s doctor, to create the Faculty of Medicine in 1412. The university has a long history of over 600 years in teaching medicine.

The Medicine and Surgery program at the University of Turin wants to train doctors who can work anywhere in the world. To do this, they have ways to connect with professors from other countries who have different experiences and ways of teaching. This helps students learn medical skills that are important in a world that’s connected to many places.

Students can also use programs like Erasmus+ and ERASMUS placement to study in other countries and learn new things. They can also get help finding jobs, which lets them use their skills and talk to employers.

5. Humanitas University

Humanitas University, also called Hunimed, is a private Italian school that focuses on medical studies. It’s in Rozzano, near Milan, and is part of the Humanitas Research Hospital Campus.

They teach a six-year Medicine program in English and a three-year Nursing program and a three-year Physiotherapy program in Italian. Besides that, they have 11 special programs for different medical fields, like advanced Cardiovascular MR Imaging, a Master’s in Endoscopy, and a Master’s in Urology.

Humanitas University has been working with the University of Milan for more than ten years. It’s now the biggest independent medical school in Italy, teaching more than 1,200 students each year in different fields like medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy.

Since 2010, they’ve been offering a six-year Medicine and Surgery program in English. Even though it’s taught in English, medical students will meet Italian patients in the hospitals they learn in. So, they need to know some Italian for this part of their training, which starts in the third year. But don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian when you start – the university gives language classes during the program.

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