5 Best medical schools in Italy

5 Best medical schools in Italy

This blog lists some of the best medical schools in Italy for international students. Italy is a popular destination for international students pursuing medicine or an MBBS degree because it has some of the best medical universities in Europe. Currently, there are 19 medical colleges in Italy that offer medicine and surgery programs in English.

These medical universities can be either public or private. Both types of universities provide excellent quality education and differ only in costs and international exposure. While public universities offer lower fees, private universities offer more opportunities for international exposure.

Best medical schools in Italy For International Student

Best medical schools in Italy For International Student

1. University of Milan

The International Medical School (IMS) is a public English-language medical school affiliated with the faculty of medicine at the University of Milan.

The school is primarily located in Milan and neighboring Segrate, Italy, with additional teaching clinics in the metropolitan area of Milan. It is officially recognized on the United Nations World Directory of Medical Schools and consistently ranked among the top 100 medical schools globally.

The school’s mission is to equip graduates with a comprehensive scientific understanding of medicine, as well as an appreciation for the human and social complexities associated with health and disease.

2. Sapienza University of Rome

The Sapienza University of Rome, located in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy, has been providing quality education since its establishment in 1303. The university understands that education is the backbone of any society and must be nourished to keep it alive. As a result, they have established world-class schools, including the University of Rome La Sapienza Medical School, to ensure quality education.

The University of Rome La Sapienza Medical School offers several courses, and it comprises three main faculties: Medicine & Dentistry, Medicine & Pharmacy, and Medicine & Psychology. These faculties work together to create a medical fortress that is recognized worldwide for its excellence.

With over 200 years of academic medical experience, the University of Rome La Sapienza is well-equipped to produce professionals who will revolutionize the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the university has a track record of producing outstanding medical students who excel in their careers.

3. University of Bologna

The University of Bologna, home to one of the oldest medical schools, has consistently maintained its top position since its inception in 1179. In this discussion, we will explore the unique features that distinguish the University of Bologna medical school from other medical schools.

The medicine program at the University of Bologna spans six years, with 12 semesters in total. Each student is required to complete approximately 1020 hours of internship, beginning from the third year, where they cover 4 CFU and 68 hours of internship. The number of CFUs and hours of internship increases in the fourth year to 10 CFU and 170 hours of internship. As the students progress into the fifth year, they are expected to complete 17 CFU and 289 hours of internship. Finally, in their sixth and final year, each medical student is required to complete 29 CFU and 393 hours of internship.

In contrast to other medical schools, the University of Bologna employs a research presentation for final year students, where each student is placed under the supervision of a professor. This unique form of assessment enables students to showcase their proficiency in the medical field and how extensively the University of Bologna medical school has impacted their knowledge.

4. University of Turin

The University of Turin, established in 1404, entrusted the task of establishing the Faculty of Medicine to Antonio Cusano, the municipal physician, in 1412. Academic medicine in Turin has achieved significant results in its over 600-year history. The Medicine and Surgery program at the University of Turin aims to train doctors to practice in both national and international contexts.

To achieve this goal, the program offers internationalization opportunities through interaction with professors from foreign universities who bring different professional experiences and teaching approaches.

This interaction also integrates new medical skills necessary for doctors in a globalized world. Students can benefit from services such as the Erasmus+ program, the ERASMUS placement program, and employment services that enhance opportunities for discussion, application of new skills and methods, and direct contact with the labor market.

5. Humanitas University

 Humanitas University, also known as Hunimed, is a private Italian university that specializes in the medical sciences. Its campus is situated in Rozzano, which is part of the Metropolitan City of Milan and is located within the Humanitas Research Hospital Campus.

The university provides a six-year program in Medicine that is taught in English, as well as a three-year course in Nursing and a three-year course in Physiotherapy, both of which are taught in Italian. Additionally, the university offers 11 specialty school degree programs, including an advanced postgraduate course in Cardiovascular MR Imaging, a Master’s in Endoscopy, and a Master’s in Urology.

For over a decade, Humanitas University has offered medical education as a partner of the University of Milan. It is currently the largest independent medical school in Italy, training over 1,200 students annually in various disciplines, including medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy.

Since 2010, Humanitas University has been offering an international Medicine and Surgery program that lasts six years. The program is taught in English, but medical students will interact with Italian patients in the teaching hospitals, so a working knowledge of Italian is necessary for clinical training, which begins in the third year. However, applicants are not expected to speak Italian when they start the program, as the university provides language classes during the course.


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