5 Best Medical schools in Philippine For International Students

5 Best Medical schools in Philippine For International Students

Most of the best medical schools in Philippines are paid for by the government. The Philippines is known for its medical research, and the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges this. These top medical schools in the Philippines have really good facilities. They help students from the Philippines and other countries learn a lot in their chosen medical fields.

Many students from different countries like China, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh come to the Philippines to study medicine. They choose the Philippines because it offers good medical education that doesn’t cost too much. Also, the living conditions are nice, the weather is pleasant, and there are other benefits.

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Here are the best medical schools in Philippine for international students

1. Emilio Aguinaldo College

EA College of Medicine, part of Emilio Aguinaldo College, is a top medical school in the Philippines. It was founded in 1951 and started offering a program for doctors in 2001. People think it’s great at teaching medicine, even though it’s not the oldest. The college has excellent facilities and labs.

At Emilio Aguinaldo College, students learn all about medicine, like the body, drugs, diseases, and how to treat patients. They get to practice in labs. The fees are not super expensive, but not as cheap as government schools.

EA College of Medicine is liked by other countries and got awards. Places like China, India, Thailand, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, as well as WHO and IMED, think it’s good. The college also works with city hospitals for training students.

2. University of Santo Tomas

The University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is in Manila, Philippines. It’s part of the University of Santo Tomas, which is the oldest and largest Catholic university in the country. This medical school started in 1871 and is known for being excellent, according to the Commission on Higher Education.

Here, they teach a lot of medical stuff like the body, diseases, and how to treat people. Students also practice in hospitals. In 2018, they even offered a special course for high school graduates who want to join their medicine program.

They follow Christian values and want to be really good at teaching medicine, doing health research, and helping the community. Their goal is to make skilled, caring, and dedicated doctors who can provide top-notch healthcare for the country.

3. University of Cebu

The University of Cebu is a well-known school that wants to give good education to everyone. They started the University of Cebu Medical Center (UCMed) in 2015, working together with a new hospital. UCMed is all about making doctors who really care about being great in their job and helping the community.

UCMed is connected to the University of Cebu, which is the biggest private school in the Philippines, and the University of Cebu School of Medicine.

The hospital wants to train students and medical professionals in Medicine, Nursing, and other medical jobs. UCMed also works with St. Vincent General Hospital, which is a 100-bed hospital in Cebu City.

4. University of the Philippines

The Philippine Medical School was built in 1905 on Bonifacio Drive. In 1910, it joined the University of the Philippines and became the U.P. College of Medicine and Surgery. Later, it was called the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

This college did something special – it offered a seven-year medical program called INTARMED, which replaced the usual nine-year program. This lets high school grads start right away and includes a one-year internship.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) thinks UPCM is excellent in teaching medicine.

5. Davao Medical School Foundation

In 1976, they started Davao Medical School Foundation in Mindanao. It was the first place there to teach MBBS. People think it’s one of the best medical schools in the Philippines. They have hospitals like Broken Shire Memorial Hospital and San Pedro Hospital with 4000 beds where students can learn by doing, which is great for medical studies.

DMSF has lots of alumni around the world, especially in the US and 50 other countries. Indian students who studied physics, chemistry, and biology have an easier time here because the program is similar to what they learned in India.

Davao Medical School has modern stuff like labs, halls, and places for learning. They even have special halls for first-year students.

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