5 Best medical schools in Romania For International Student

5 Best medical schools in Romania For International Student

Before we look at the list of the best medical schools in Romania based on their research, let’s go over some important information.

Studying medicine in Romania, one of Europe’s oldest countries, is a great choice. You get top-quality education, a rich cultural background, affordable living costs, and a diploma recognized worldwide.

The medical program lasts for six years. The first three years focus on the basics of medicine, and the next three years are about practical training.

There’s also a Preparatory Year program available, which helps you adjust to life in a new place and get ready for university. It’s a good idea because it prepares you for the culture, studies, and being away from your family and friends.

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What is the duration of study in Romanian medical schools?

In Romania, the basic medical program usually goes on for 6 years. It starts with 3 years of foundational education and then continues with 6 more years of clinical studies.

What are the necessary application documents for medical schools in Romania?

To apply to medical schools in Romania, you’ll need a high school diploma and your school records. You should also provide copies of your passport, birth certificate, and marriage certificate if it applies to you.

You might need a medical certificate too. Besides that, you must show that you’re good at either English or Romanian. You can do this by giving your scores from tests like TOEFL or IELTS, or by taking a language test given by the university. 

Overview of Best medical schools in Romania

1) Ovidius University Constanta

Ovidius University, close to the Black Sea, is Europe’s biggest university with many different courses. It started in 1961 and has more than 15,000 students, including 1,200 from other countries. The university is approved for medical studies by the GMC and offers dentistry and medicine programs.

The Faculty of Medicine, which gets government funding, was set up in 1990 as part of Ovidius University. In the beginning, it covered General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.

Now, there are over 200 international students in this faculty. Most of them come from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Greece, Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Morocco, and Syria, among others.

2) University of Oradea

The University of Oradea, also called UO or U of O, is a well-known public university in a city called Oradea in north-western Romania. It’s a respected place where students can study many different subjects.

The Faculty of Medicine at this university started in 1991, and you can find it at Piata 1 Decembrie 10. This faculty has two parts: one for students from Romania, and another for students from other countries. The part for international students teaches all its classes in English, so students from abroad can learn medicine here.

The medicine program at this faculty takes six years and was created with the help of Harvard University and some other universities in the United States. They teach in both Romanian and English. The faculty is proud to have six hospitals where students can learn about general and specialized medical care, and these hospitals have a total of 2,987 beds. Right now, there are more than 500 students from all around the world studying here.

3) Transilvania University of Brasov

Transilvania University, also known as UNITBV or UniTBv, is a well-respected place for higher education and research in BraČ™ov, Romania. It’s especially known for its excellent medical school.

The Faculty of Medicine, which is a part of Transilvania University of Brasov, started and got approval from the government in 2002. This faculty offers three bachelor’s degree programs: Medicine, General Nursing, and Physical-kinetic therapy. It also has three master’s degree programs: Management of Nosocomial Infections, Preventive and Public Health Strategies, and Palliative Care Strategies.

The faculty is focused on giving students a good education, research opportunities, and helping them become critical thinkers. They have modern facilities, experienced teachers, and a comprehensive curriculum. That’s why many students in Romania and from other places want to study at the Faculty of Medicine in Transilvania University of Brasov.

4) Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

The Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, also known as the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, is a big school for health sciences in Bucharest, Romania. It’s one of the oldest and largest of its kind in Romania and known for being one of the best medical schools in the country.

The university works with more than 20 hospitals in Bucharest, which is great for students studying medicine.

The Carol Davila University is known as an important place for research and education, according to the Ministry of Education. It was created in 1869 as part of the University of Bucharest and is considered one of the top universities in Romania and Eastern Europe. People think it’s really good because it gives students a good education, does new and creative research, and helps students learn how to think critically.

5) University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova, also known as UMF Craiova, is a college in the city of Craiova, which is in the southwestern part of Romania. People consider it one of the best medical schools in Romania.

The Faculty of Medicine at this university is well-respected in Romania’s medical education system, and it’s also known internationally. The faculty is focused on being separate from politics, meaning it doesn’t get involved in political matters. They make sure that their academic and administrative functions are clearly separate, but they still work together.

This university is known for offering medical programs in English. A lot of international students like it because they can study medicine in English for six years, and there’s also a two-year English Master’s Degree Program in Medical Informatics and Biostatistics. To get in, you don’t need to take an entrance exam; they select students based on their application.

The Faculty of Medicine has 15 departments and offers more than 77 courses. They have over 1,500 students enrolling each year, and their teaching team includes more than 300 educators.

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