8 List of career choices

In this blog compiled by Lofty Scholars is a quick guide on list of career choices and how to choose the right career from several career options available Introduction; A career refers to an occupation or profession that a person engages in for a considerable amount of time, and for many, it is a lifelong pursuit. Careers can fall under […]

Top 6 Careers in Healthcare

If you love helping others and have an interest in science, technology, medicine, and math, pursuing a career in healthcare can be a great choice. As the demand for health services is expected to grow in the coming years, healthcare can offer stable and secure job opportunities. Here’s a comprehensive list of careers in healthcare and medical fields, outlining the […]

10 Best engineering courses for future

Engineering is a captivating and dynamic field that is ideal for individuals who enjoy turning their ideas into reality. As an engineer, you can not only identify and solve problems, but you can also witness how your work can transform people’s lives. However, there is one challenge: there are numerous engineering courses to choose from, such as Civil, Aeronautical, Electrical, […]

8 Jobs in Health Administration for Leaders Who Want to Drive Change

Are you looking to make a significant difference in the world? Keep reading to discover 8 jobs in health administration that can enable you to transform the healthcare sector. Healthcare Administration is a discipline that combines medical knowledge, health policy, and business administration to manage public or private health facilities. Although hospital administration positions are the most commonly known jobs […]

Top 7 Computer skills for CV

Not only is this a great list of computer skills for CV, it can also increase your chances of getting hired. In Nigeria, most jobs require at least a basic understanding of computers, and some may require more specialized knowledge. Employers expect candidates to possess excellent computer skills, regardless of their job position. Therefore, it is essential to improve your […]