10 Cheapest Universities in Denmark for international students

10 Cheapest Universities in Denmark for international students

Denmark boasts of an excellent education system that values education and provides free education at all levels, depending on the institution. They also offer affordable universities for international students. Higher education in Denmark includes universities, maritime education, colleges, and business academics.

Although Denmark has a reputation for having a high cost of living, there are affordable universities in the country for international students. Let’s list out the Cheapest Universities in Denmark for international students.

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Studying in Denmark

Denmark is a great place to study abroad because they have good schools, a nice way of life, and they include everyone. If you’re from Europe, you can go to a public university in Denmark for free. But if you’re not from Europe, you’ll need to plan on spending between 7,000 and 16,000 euros each year. This is much cheaper than going to universities in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

What are the test I need to take qualify for studying in Denmark?

If you want to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Denmark, you have to take a test to show you’re good at English. You need to get either an ‘English B’ or ‘English A‘ certification. The tests they accept are TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and C1 Advanced. You have to pass one of these tests before you can get into any bachelor’s or master’s program in Denmark.

Does Denmark allow International Students to work while studying?

If you’re an international student in Denmark, you can work for up to 20 hours a week while you’re in school, and during the summer months from June to August, you can work full-time.

But if you’re a student from EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, you can work in Denmark without any limits on how many hours you can work.

10 Cheapest Universities in Denmark for international students

1. Aarhus University

Aarhus University in Denmark is a good choice for international students who want an affordable education. It was founded in 1928 in Aarhus, Denmark, and has five different parts like Arts, Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Health, and Business and Social Sciences.

They have many departments and more than thirty well-known research centers, including fifteen that are really special and get support from the Danish National Research Foundation. Aarhus University is often ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world.

Tuition estimate: 8,000 – 14,800 EUR per year.

2. Aalborg University

Aalborg University in Denmark is also a good option for international students looking for an affordable education. It started in 1974 and has its campus in the city of Aalborg.

The university is famous for its programs in Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, and Social Sciences and Management.

AAU is known for giving a good education, and it’s ranked among the top 400 universities in the world for its quality of education.

Tuition estimate: 12770 – 14,735 EUR per year.

3. University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen, also known as Københavns Universitet in Danish, is the oldest university in Denmark and the second oldest in Scandinavia. It was started by King Christian I of Denmark in 1479.

Back in the Middle Ages, the university had the usual faculties for that time, which were theology, law, medicine, and philosophy.

Tuition estimate: 10,000 – 7,000EUR per year.

4. University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark is one of Denmark’s best universities, and it’s considered among the top five in the country. It also ranks in the top 5% of universities globally according to international ratings.

This university is famous for providing excellent education in different subjects like Arts and Humanities, Life Sciences and Medicine, Social Sciences and Management, and Economics & Business.

Tuition estimate: 4545 – 6950 EUR per semester.

5. Roskilde University

Roskilde University is among the cheapest Universities in Denmark for international students. RUC was established in 1972 and is located in the small town of Roskilde in Denmark.

It is considered one of the top 10 educational institutions in Denmark and is ranked in the top 5% of the world’s best universities. The academic year at RUC is divided into two semesters.

Tuition estimate: 4300 – 9000 EUR per semester.

6. Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is considered one of the top 5 educational institutions in Denmark and is among the best universities in the world.

DTU is well-known for its programs in Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Science, and Computer Science, which are among the most popular programs offered by the university.

Tuition estimate: 7,500 EUR per semester.

7. University College of Northern Denmark

The University College of Northern Denmark is a higher education institution in Denmark that is chosen by many students each year due to its ranking among the top 20 universities in the country.

Tuition estimate: 5634 EUR per semester.

8. VIA University College

VIA is one of Denmark’s six university colleges, and its programs, courses, and research mainly focus on professional practice in various fields, including healthcare, teaching, social education, technology, business, and design.

Tuition estimate: 6,000-7,500 EUR per semester.

9. Copenhagen Business School

The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) started in 1917 because the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education and Research wanted to encourage business education and research. But it wasn’t until 1920 that they began offering a complete accounting program at CBS.

CBS has been recognized and approved by several respected organizations like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Association of MBAs, and the European Quality Improvement System. What’s particularly special is that CBS, along with a few other universities around the world and in Denmark, has achieved a rare triple-crown accreditation.

Tuition estimate: 7,600 EUR per semester.

10. IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s newest and smallest universities, starting in 1999. They are all about technology and do a lot of research, with 15 special research groups.

The university has four bachelor’s degree programs: Digital Design, Interactive Technologies, Global Business Informatics, and Software Development. Even though it’s a smaller school, the IT University of Copenhagen is famous for having lower tuition fees and for giving students a good education in technology.

Tuition estimate: 6770 EUR per semester.

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