3 Dental Schools in Florida For International students

3 Dental Schools in Florida For International students

In Florida, there are famous 3 dental schools that give great education and training for future dentists. They have modern facilities and skilled teachers, making it an exciting place for dental students to start their careers.

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3 Dental Schools in Florida For International students

1) University of Florida College of Dentistry


The University of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville is one of the well-known dental schools in Florida. It’s known for its excellent dental education and taking care of patients. There’s a modern dental clinic there. Dental students, with help from experienced teachers, offer various dental treatments to patients at reasonable prices.

The college is known across the country for its research in oral health. They focus on diseases in the mouth, how bones work, pain and the brain, and research that helps make medical treatments better. Now, the research at UFCD is the 5th most funded among all dental schools in the United States, as per the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research.

They bring in experienced scientists in the middle of their careers to make the college’s strong research areas even better. They also make sure the college works with important research projects in the university and the UF Academic Health Center. These projects include studying the genes of diseases, the immune system, certain medical statistics, cancer prevention, how cells work, and understanding pain and the brain.

2) Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine


The Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine, located in Fort Lauderdale, is a highly respected dental school among dental schools in Florida. They really care about teaching and looking after patients. The college has a modern dental clinic where students get practical experience by providing different dental treatments to patients, all while being guided by experienced teachers.

Around 3,500 people apply to join the college’s incoming class of 110 students. The students who start in their first year scored really well, about 95 out of every 100 students, nationally on a test called the Dental Admission Test. The college offers a four-year program to become a dentist (D.M.D.).

They also have special programs after you finish dental school, like for advanced general dentistry, teeth roots (endodontics), straightening teeth (orthodontics), kids’ teeth (pediatric dentistry), gum and bone around teeth (periodontology), fixing teeth (prosthodontics), surgery for the mouth and face (oral and maxillofacial surgery, which is a four-year program), and a research program in face and skull studies (Master of Science in Craniofacial Research).

The NSU College of Dental Medicine is right now working on making new materials for dental use and studying how the mouth works.

3) LECOM School of Dental Medicine


The LECOM School of Dental Medicine, located in Bradenton, Florida, is also among respected dental schools in Florida. They aim to provide a good education and take care of patients. In their dental clinic, dental students provide various dental services and learn under the guidance of experienced faculty.

LECOM wants to give a good education that doesn’t cost a lot of money. They want their students to be great dentists who can help people get better. In the beginning, students will learn by working with patients in Bradenton. The college has clinics on campus where students can treat people who have trouble getting dental care. In their last year, students will get a lot of experience working in dental offices in Defuniak Springs, Florida, and Erie, Pennsylvania.

The LECOM School of Dental Medicine is like a bridge from the way dentistry is done now to how it will be done in the future in Southwest Florida and other places in the country.


Can dentists from other countries work in Florida?

Applicants can apply through PASS. If they successfully complete a dental school program accredited by the ADA, they will become eligible to take the Florida Dental Board Examination. Passing the Florida Dental Board Examination is necessary to work as a dentist in Florida.

How expensive is it to study dentistry in the USA?

Studying dentistry in the USA typically costs around $45,000 to $65,000 per year for the school fees. Living expenses in the USA add up to about $1,200 each month. Many scholarships are accessible for students studying medicine in the USA.

How many years does it take to finish dental school in the USA?

In the USA, dental school typically takes four years. During the first two years, students focus on learning about the body’s structure, function, and diseases, mainly through studying basic biological sciences.

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