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Top 5 free e learning apps for chemistry students

Top 5 free e learning apps for chemistry students

Having trouble with chemistry? Don’t worry, Lofty Scholars can help. Chemistry can be hard because you need to remember lots of formulas, structures, reactions, and calculations.

These free e learning apps for chemistry can make it easier for you to understand the subject.

Chemistry is a complex topic. It’s about studying stuff and how it changes when it’s in different places. Scientists want to know why things are like they are and how they change. They look at things like how heavy something is and what it’s made of, and they figure out why things change in certain ways.

Overview of free e learning apps for chemistry

1. Complete Chemistry App

The Complete Chemistry App is a great way to learn about chemistry online. It’s one of the top free apps for learning. It teaches you many things about chemistry and has cool tools like the periodic table, a chemistry calculator, and a virtual lab. These tools help you learn and practice chemistry in a fun way. After each lesson, there’s a small test to see if you understood what you learned. This helps you practice and remember better.

Also, a lot of people who love chemistry use this app. They share their knowledge and learn from each other. The app has a section where you can answer a new chemistry question every day. This helps you get even better at chemistry.

2. Chemistry Pro 2022 – Notes

Chemistry Pro 2022 is an amazing app for learning chemistry on your Android device. It’s like having a pocket-sized chemistry guide with lots of topics, definitions, and the periodic table. Whether you want to review stuff you already know, get ready for tests, or learn new things, this app is perfect. It’s the best free app for learning online.

No matter if you’re in elementary school or college, this app works for everyone. It looks nice and is easy to use, so you can focus on learning without any problems.

Here’s what’s cool about it:

  • It covers more than 20 important chemistry ideas.
  • There’s a chemistry dictionary with over 500 explanations.
  • You can learn all about different chemical elements.
  • It can help you solve your homework quickly.
  • You can find out about famous chemists who did big things in the field.
  • There’s a dark mode for studying at night.
  • You can search for anything related to chemistry.

3. The Elements in Action

“The Elements in Action” is a fantastic app that makes the elements from the periodic table really interesting. It uses awesome videos of chemical reactions, which were filmed by the talented Max Whitby, who won a special award. Each element gets its own short video that shows off what it can do and how it’s used. This app gives us a cool way to learn about elements, thanks to Theodore Gray and Max Whitby.

When you tap on an element, you can watch a short video that shows something special about it. There’s also a cool description that tells us how the element is used in the real world. The app is easy to use, and it’s great for students who can’t do hands-on experiments with elements in class. There are other apps with periodic tables, but this one is really awesome. It makes science interesting for everyone, no matter how old they are or where they are in their learning journey.

4. Science Practical Simulator

The Science Practical Simulator is a great app for students to learn. It helps you with your science lessons in an interesting way. You can do science experiments on the app without any danger, and it’s really creative too. It covers lots of different experiments in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

With the Science Practical Simulator, you can see how experiments work and get pictures of them. You also get step-by-step instructions on how to do them. You can practice writing down what you see and changing the information. This helps you understand how experiments are done, what tools you need, and why calculations are important. It’s fun to use, and you can use it instead of doing real experiments in a lab. It’s also good if you’re studying for a test.

Teachers can use the app to show how experiments work and ask questions. They can also help you learn important skills. Students can use it to do experiments, understand the steps, study, or practice remembering things.

5. ReactionFlash

If you need to remember different chemical reactions for an upcoming test or a group meeting, the ReactionFlash(R) app can help you out. It’s a free app that’s really useful for learning about these reactions. You can understand how they work and see examples from respected sources like scientific papers or patents.

A smart professor named Dr. Erick M. Carreira from ETH Z├╝rich helped create this app. It now has information about more than 1,100 named chemistry reactions. Professor Carreira made sure to include all the important reactions that every chemist should know. This includes ones that are famous and even those that only really smart Nobel Prize winners remember.

The app works like a set of flashcards. This means you can use it to learn and look things up whenever you need. Each card shows you a reaction, how it happens, and real examples from serious research papers. The app even has a quiz mode, so you can test what you’ve learned.

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