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Top 5 free e learning apps for chemistry students

Top 5 free e learning apps for chemistry students

Are you having trouble with the subject of chemistry? Don’t worry, we at Lofty Scholars have a solution. Chemistry can sometimes be a challenging subject for students to study, as it requires remembering numerous chemical formulas, structures, reactions, and calculations.

By using these free e learning apps for chemistry, you will find it much easier to understand the subject than you did before.

Chemistry is a highly complex subject that involves the study of matter, which is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space. This field of study aims to comprehend the various changes that matter can undergo when exposed to different environments and conditions. The subject seeks to understand the properties of matter, such as the mass or composition of a chemical element, and the reasons and mechanisms behind specific changes that matter can undergo.

Top 5 free e learning apps for chemistry

  1. Complete Chemistry App

The Complete Chemistry App is an excellent e-learning tool for chemistry, and it’s free to use. It covers various aspects of chemistry and offers interactive tools like the periodic table, chemistry calculator, and virtual lab to aid in learning and practicing chemistry. Each sub-topic includes a mini-quiz to assess your understanding of what you’ve learned, allowing you to practice and reinforce your knowledge.

Additionally, Complete Chemistry boasts a thriving community of chemistry enthusiasts eager to learn and share knowledge with one another. The app’s daily activity section allows users to tackle a daily chemistry question, continually improving their comprehension of the subject.

  1. Chemistry Pro 2022 – Notes

Chemistry Pro 2022 is an exceptional chemistry app available on Android, providing users with free access to a wealth of chemistry topics, definitions, and the periodic table, all within the convenience of your pocket. Whether you need to refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams, or expand your understanding, Chemistry Pro has got you covered. It is undoubtedly the best free e-learning app in the market.

This education application is suitable for all levels of chemistry, from primary school to university. Its material design and clean interface allow students to focus on specific areas of the subject matter without distraction.

Key Features include:

  • Over 20 essential chemistry concepts
  • A chemistry dictionary with over 500 definitions
  • Detailed information about chemical elements
  • Instant homework solving capabilities
  • Information on great chemists who made significant contributions to the field
  • A dark theme for late-night study sessions
  • Search functionality for any chemistry-related query
  1. The Elements in Action

“The Elements in Action” is an amazing app featuring the periodic table elements that come to life with incredible footage of chemical reactions, filmed by the BAFTA award-winning Max Whitby. Each element is showcased through a teaser video that illustrates its unique properties and uses. The app offers an interesting perspective on the elements, thanks to the contributions of Theodore Gray, author of the popular book and app “The Elements,” and Max Whitby.

By clicking on an element, users can access a short video that showcases one of its unique properties, accompanied by an interesting description that explains how the element is used in the real world. The app is intuitive, easy to navigate, and a great tool for students who may not have access to chemical elements in a classroom setting. While there are many periodic table apps available, this app is one of the best, presenting scientific content in a manner that appeals to all ages and stages of learners.

  1. Science Practical Simulator

Science Practical Simulator is a top-notch e-learning app that any student can benefit from. It offers an engaging educational experience, allowing students to model and complete science practical activities in a safe and innovative way. The app covers a vast range of experiments typically taught in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Science Practical Simulator provides students with simulations and imagery of key experiments, along with step-by-step instructions for completion. It also enables users to practice recording and manipulating data, encouraging students to write detailed experimental methods, identify key equipment, and understand experimental calculations and their importance. The app is enjoyable and can be used as an alternative to completing physical practical experiments in a laboratory or as part of a student’s revision program.

This app is beneficial to all users. Teachers can display practical activity simulations while posing questions and highlighting key skills to maximize student progress. Students can complete experiments to further their understanding of the key steps involved, revise content, or hone their recall skills.

  1. ReactionFlash

Looking to refresh your knowledge of named chemical reactions before an exam or group meeting? The ReactionFlash(R) app is a free and effective way to learn about these reactions, understand their mechanisms, and view examples from peer-reviewed literature or patents.

Developed in consultation with Professor Dr. Erick M. Carreira of ETH Zürich, the app now covers over 1,100 named chemistry reactions. Professor Carreira ensured that the app includes all the fundamental reactions that every chemist should have in their toolkit, from well-known reactions to those remembered only by Nobel Prize winners.

The app is designed like a set of flashcards, making it both a learning tool and a reference. Each card presents the reaction, its mechanism, and examples from peer-reviewed published literature. The app also features a quiz mode that allows you to test your knowledge

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