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11 Tips on How to develop listening skills in students

11 Tips on How to develop listening skills in students

From this Article compiled by Lofty Scholars, will give you a guide on how to develop listening skills in Students

Have you ever tried listening to a podcast or song in another language and not understood anything? If that’s happened to you, you’re not the only one. You can find more help on how to get better at listening skills for students on Education Corner’s website.

Many people who are learning a new language often find it difficult to understand when native speakers talk in that language. This could happen while listening to podcasts, watching videos on YouTube, movies, or songs.

Why does this happen? What makes it hard for learners to understand? And what can they do to improve their listening skills?

Here are some tips on how to develop listening skills in students

1) Set a good example by showing how to listen attentively

Show them how it’s done by being a good listener yourself, and teach them how to listen carefully.

2) Give straightforward and clear directions

Make sure your instructions are easy to understand and brief. Also, give students enough time to understand what you’ve said.

3) Encourage participation

Inspire students to ask questions and take part in discussions so they can improve their active listening abilities.

4) Use pictures or diagrams to help explain things

Use pictures, drawings, and videos to help students understand and remember information better.

5) Use gestures and facial expressions

Use your eyes, face, and hand movements to help students understand what you’re saying and show that you’re listening carefully.

6) Practice being a good listener

Get students involved in activities where they listen, like telling a story back or recognizing song lyrics.

7) Use real things or materials

Include real things like news articles, podcasts, and videos to help students practice listening to English in everyday situations.

8) Encourage students to listen to each other

Tell students to pay attention when their classmates talk and give them advice on how well they listen.

9) Say things again and again

Say important things multiple times to help students understand and remember them better.

10) Encourage students to think about how they’re doing

Ask students to think about how good they are at listening and give them advice on how they can get better.

11) Use technology:

Use things like language apps and online tools to make practicing listening skills more fun and interactive for students.

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