How to write educational qualification in resume

How to write educational qualification in resume

This article will guide you on How to write educational qualification in resume with examples. It will help you add the right qualifications for the job, making you more noticeable to employers. Lofty Scholars put this article together to teach you how to include your education in your resume. A well-written education can show employers your important academic achievements and make you different from other people applying for the job.

What is An Education Resume?

An education summary is like a special part of your resume. It’s where you show off the school things you’ve done and how well you did them. If you haven’t had a job before, this part of your resume is really helpful to show bosses that you can do well if they hire you. So, we’re going to tell you how to write about your school stuff on your resume.

How to Write an Education Resume?

1. Start by writing a strong summary that talks about your skills and experiences as a teacher. This should be a quick look at what makes you a good fit for the job you want.

2. Tell about your education and qualifications. Write down your degrees, what you studied, and any special certificates or licenses you have.

3. Share your teaching experience. Tell which grades you’ve taught and what subjects you know. Also, talk about any time you’ve helped make lessons or teaching plans.

4. Talk about things you’re really good at or proud of. This might be speaking another language, teaching lots of different kinds of students, or making a new way to teach.

5. Write about things you do outside of regular teaching. This could be running clubs after school, coaching sports, or helping in your community.

6. Say if you’ve taken any extra classes to keep learning. This shows you want to get better at teaching and stay up-to-date.

7. Read through your resume to find mistakes and make it easy to read. You can also ask a friend to check it too.

8. Following these tips will help you make a great resume for teaching jobs. It will show your skills and experience as a teacher and help you stand out to employers.


  • Put your highest degree at the beginning.
  • List your other degrees from newest to oldest.
  • If you graduated from college, you don’t need to include your high school details.
  • You can write your degree as “Bachelor of Science” or use the abbreviation “BSc.”

FAQ on How to write educational qualification in resume 

1. How do I write my education on a resume?


  • Choose a template that you like and think works well for you.
  • Put your personal contact information at the top.
  • Begin with a resume objective that tells what you’re looking for.
  • List your work experience starting from the most recent job and going backwards.
  • Write down your qualifications.
  • Think about your other skills that might be important.
  • If they’re related, include your hobbies, interests, and any volunteer work you’ve done.

2. What is education description?


Education is about how teachers teach and students learn in schools or similar places. This is different from other ways people learn outside of school.

3. What are the best job skills on a resume?


  • Knowing how to use computers.
  • Having experience leading others.
  • Being good at talking and listening.
  • Knowing how to organize things well.
  • Getting along well with others.
  • Being able to work together with others.
  • Being good at finding solutions to problems.

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