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8 List of career choices

8 List of career choices

Lofty Scholars put together a blog that has a fast guide about List of career choices you can pick, and it helps you figure out the best one for you from all the options out there.


A career is a job or work that a person does for a long time, and for many people, it’s something they do throughout their life. Careers can be about science, art, or business.

Picking the right job is like playing a smart game. Since most people spend a big part of their lives working, it’s important to choose a job carefully. In the past, it might have been easier to decide on a job because there weren’t as many choices. But now, with so many jobs available, it’s harder to pick and prepare for a job. So, how can someone figure out what job to choose?

To decide on a job, think about these things: understand yourself, think about what makes you want to work, think about what you want in the future, take tests that help you know yourself better, learn about different types of jobs and industries, and ask professionals for advice.

List of career choices

1) School teacher

A school teacher is someone who’s really good at their job and teaches students using the things the country says they should learn. They teach subjects they know a lot about. They have a lot to do, like giving students work to do at home, checking how well they did on tests, keeping track of how they’re doing, and talking to their parents. They also figure out what each student needs so they can learn well without feeling too confused.

The main things a school teacher does are teaching lessons in a way everyone can understand, using things like pictures or sounds to help, and giving special help to each student. They make sure learning is interesting and fits each student. They also make extra lessons or materials to help students when it’s hard to understand.

2) Professor

A professor is a very respected teacher who works at a college or university. They’re like the top-level teachers and are considered experts in what they teach. Sometimes, all the teachers at college are called professors by students, even if they have different titles.

Professors work at colleges or universities and have different tasks. They teach, do research, and help with academic stuff. As they get more experienced, they do more research and teach less. Professors also have important roles in education. They go to meetings, write articles, help other teachers, and work with their colleagues. They’re really respected and are expected to bring new ideas and knowledge to their subject through research.

3) Flight attendant

A flight attendant has a very important job on a plane. They make sure passengers are safe and comfortable during the flight. They clean the plane, help passengers with their needs, and make sure everyone follows the rules to stay safe. They also have tasks like planning their schedule, following the airline’s rules, teaching passengers about safety, and writing reports if something goes wrong.

Flight attendants are often the first people passengers talk to, so they need to be really good at talking with people and giving good service. They also have to be well-organized and handle many things at once to take care of the whole plane.

To become a flight attendant, you usually need a high school diploma or something similar like GED. You don’t need experience, but you do need to go through tough training to learn about safety rules, emergencies, and how to treat passengers well. If you work as a flight attendant for a while and get more training, you might even be able to become a pilot or work in air traffic control.

4) Medical Practitioner

A medical practitioner is a person who helps figure out and treat physical and mental sicknesses and infections. They give medicines and plans to make sick people better and send them to other experts if needed. These experts have different names like allergists, cardiologists, dermatologists, emergency medicine specialists, gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, pathologists, and respiratory specialists.

If you’re a medical practitioner, your job is to look at patients, find out what’s wrong, write down their medical information, give them medicine or treatments, ask for tests like X-rays, and check the results. If they need more help, you send them to other experts. You also tell patients how to eat, exercise, and stay healthy to avoid sickness. For pregnant people, you give care before and after the baby comes.

5) Sales representative

A sales representative is responsible for telling people about a company’s stuff. They find possible customers, teach them about the stuff using talks, lessons, and phone calls, and help out people who already buy the stuff. Sales reps can either talk on the phone or use the internet to sell stuff, or they can meet in person to sell it. They work in many different kinds of businesses.

Usually, sales reps have a degree in business or something similar. The best sales reps know how important it is to be really nice to customers, are good at making deals, and believe in themselves.

6) Engineer

Mechanical engineers have an important job. They create, plan, build, try out, and check mechanical things like engines, machines, and tools. This job covers a lot of areas, and engineers can work in different businesses, making all kinds of different stuff. Most of them work in making things, doing research, or helping with engineering projects.

Usually, mechanical engineers have a degree in mechanical engineering or something similar. They need to be really good at math to do hard calculations and also need to be good at thinking creatively.

7) Database administrator

A database administrator has an important job. They take care of the company’s databases. This means they make sure that the rules about how data is handled are followed, and they also make sure that the databases keep working well and are safe in case something goes wrong.

The database administrator does things like creating really good databases that work all the time. They do this by looking at what different people in the company need from the database and making it match those needs. They also make sure that the right people get the right data in the right way and at the right time.

8) Health Care

Healthcare means taking care of people’s health. This includes stopping, finding out about, treating, making better, or fixing diseases, sickness, injuries, and problems with the body and mind.

Doctors, nurses, and other health experts give healthcare. They work in areas like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and more. There are different types of healthcare: regular check-ups, specialized treatments, and public health efforts.


It’s a good idea to pick a job where you can keep moving up and getting better. This kind of job will let you try new things, learn new stuff, and keep changing for the better. Try not to go for a job that’s boring and doesn’t let you look ahead to new chances.

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