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Online Graduate Programs Economics

Online Graduate Programs Economics

Are you ready to learn in a new way? You’re in the right spot! We’re going to talk about some online economics courses that you can find on the internet. These courses can help you do better at work and become smarter. In this article, we’ll look closely at the different choices and good things these courses can give you.

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Overview of Online Graduate Programs Economics

1) Regent University – Master of Business Administration – Economics

Regent University has a special program called Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Economics. In this program, you will study a total of 42 units. You can choose to do this program fully online, only on the campus, or a mix of both, depending on what suits you best. When you finish the program, you will have the skills needed to find good jobs.

These skills will help you make good business decisions while following the law and being fair, lead teams well in both public and private jobs, and understand trade rules and money matters.

Regent University is proud of its Christian beliefs. If you join this program, you’ll get an education that connects Christianity and business. One cool thing is that you can pick areas you want to learn more about or make your own study plan.

Also, the projects you do in this program will be really useful when you’re looking for jobs after you graduate. They’ll be like a collection of your best work that you can show to employers.

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2) Mercer University – Master of Business Administration

Most students who go for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Mercer University are around 28 years old and have already worked for five years. The program understands that people are busy with their jobs, so it’s made to fit their schedules by being fully online.

At Mercer, the MBA program needs you to complete 36 to 45 classes. You can finish it in about 18 months, which isn’t too long. People who have finished this program have gone on to work in different jobs like studying markets, looking at finances, managing healthcare, and taking care of accounts.

You’ll learn a lot of things in this program like how to lead ethically, the laws of business, being responsible in companies, and marketing ideas. You can also choose to focus on things like Marketing, Finance, Economics, General Business, Human Resources, or Healthcare Management if you want to become an expert in one area.

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3) University of Missouri – Master of Arts in Economics

People who have recently finished their Master of Arts in Economics degree from the University of Missouri have gone on to do many different jobs. Some of them work as Data Scientists, some become Directors of Institutional Research, others manage Energy Markets, and some teach Economics.

This program is really complete and has 30 classes. It usually takes around two years to finish, and students usually take one or two classes every semester. You can do all the classes online, so you don’t need to go to the campus.

You will learn important things in the main subjects like how economies work on a small and big scale. You can also choose other classes that talk about stuff like game strategies, how countries grow economically, trading between countries, and the worldwide money systems. You don’t need to give in scores from a test called GRE, but it’s expected that you did well in your last two years of college and got a GPA of at least 3.0.

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4) American University – Master of Arts in Economics

In the US, the Master of Arts in Economics program requires you to finish a total of 30 classes. These classes are split into 10 parts that take 8 weeks each. To successfully finish the program, everyone has to do a special final class.

You can do all the classes on the internet, but you can also choose to do up to 6 classes on the campus if you want.

The teachers in the program really care about real-world problems and how the government makes rules. They want to teach students how to make important choices about money in their area and around the world.

They teach students how to use math and models to understand economic info and how to guess what might happen to the economy. Some classes you can choose are about jobs, money for the government, making the economy strong, and how places grow.

When you finish everything, you can have a Master of Arts degree in Economics in about 20 months. With this degree, you can get good jobs that pay well.

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5) Ohio University – Master of Accountancy

Ohio University has a program where you can learn about accounting online. They have two choices for students: one is more advanced, and the other is more general. The advanced one is for people who already know a lot about accounting, and the general one is for people who work in business and want to get better at it.

If you studied business or economics in college, it’s better to pick the general one. But no matter which one you choose, you’ll learn about math in business, using technology for accounting, and looking at data.

Some students might finish everything in five parts of the school year. And you can start the program in the fall, spring, or summer.

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6) Johns Hopkins University – Master of Science in Applied Economics

If you’re thinking about joining the online Master of Science in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, make sure you know the rules for online programs in your state before you apply.

This program has ten classes that teach you about how economics works in the real world. You’ll learn math and ways to analyze information.

You don’t need to have a certain major in college to join. You’ll take four main classes, at least one really advanced math class, and five classes you can choose. You can pick classes that match what you want to learn, like Public Policy, Financial Economics, how the whole economy works, or how money and places are connected.

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7) Purdue University – Master of Science in Economics

Purdue University is really good at teaching economics using math and real-world examples. Their online Master of Science in Economics program is always highly ranked in the US.

In this program, you’ll get really good at a bunch of things like using math to understand economics, using software to look at data, learning about computers and programming, predicting how businesses will do, and more. You can finish this program in a flexible time of 20 to 36 months, depending on when you have time.

You can take the classes in two ways: all online or partly in person. This gives you choices for how you want to learn. Also, if you want to find a job after you’re done, or if you want to study more about economics or related stuff, they have special paths for that.

If you want to join this program, you need to have taken either the GMAT or the GRE tests.

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8) North Carolina State University – MA in Economics

The Economics Graduate Program at North Carolina State University has a really good Master of Arts (MA) degree in Economics. A lot of people think it’s one of the best online programs for economics in the state.

In this program, you can choose if you want to get ready for a Ph.D. or if you want to focus on using economics in practical ways. The classes cover many different topics like how countries trade, how money works, financial stuff like options, math for economists, and the basics of capitalism.

North Carolina State University was started in 1887 with the Morrill Land Grant Act. It’s a public school that’s known for research in ocean and space topics. It’s also part of the University of North Carolina system.

There are more than 35,100 students here learning from over 200 different programs. But it’s important to know that when the school first opened, only white students were allowed to join.

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  • What is the better choice between pursuing a Master’s in Economics or an MBA?

If students want to become managers in big companies, they should think about getting an MBA degree. But remember, an MBA is more about theories, while a Master’s in Economics teaches more practical things.

  • Is obtaining a Master’s degree in Economics a worthwhile investment?

Getting a Master’s degree in Economics can lead to well-paying jobs in different industries. People with this degree have said they make more than $80,000 a year on average.

  • What are the admission requirements for an online Master’s degree in Economics?

Online Master’s programs in Economics have different requirements. But, most programs usually want applicants to have finished certain courses during their Bachelor’s, like calculus, statistics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. These requirements might change based on the program.

Also, some programs might ask for scores from tests like the GRE or GMAT. It’s a good idea to look at the requirements for the programs you want to apply to, so you know if you qualify.

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