Top 5 Architecture Schools in Florida

Top 5 Architecture Schools in Florida

Are you looking for the top architecture schools in Florida to attend? Lofty Scholars has put together a list of these schools in Florida, giving you options to help you further your career in architecture.

Studying architecture is a great choice if you love being creative and designing things. It can also open up opportunities for high-paying jobs. Florida is a fantastic place to pursue this field because it’s known for its top-notch education and a focus on delivering excellent results.

Overview Of Architecture Schools in Florida

1. University of Miami School of Architecture

The University of Miami’s School of Architecture is famous for teaching students to do well in different jobs. It started in 1989, and now they have five different programs.

In one of their classes, students went to Barranquilla, Colombia, for a week. They met people who live in the city’s older neighborhoods and places where people don’t have proper homes. After coming back to their campus in Coral Gables, they started making plans for buildings that could make those areas better and also deal with the problems caused by climate change.

2. University of Central Florida, School of Architecture

The School of Architecture at the University of Central Florida is part of a public university in Orlando. This university started in 1963 and has become one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the United States. They want to prepare students to become important and valuable in their future jobs. Around 6,879 students are studying for bachelor’s degrees at the University of Central Florida.

The Bachelor of Design in Architecture program is a collaboration between Valencia College and the University of Central Florida. This partnership allows students to finish their architecture program from Scotland right here in Central Florida.

3. Florida Atlantic University, School of Architecture

Florida Atlantic University’s School of Architecture is known as one of the top places to study architecture in Florida. It started back in 1984 and was the first public university in the Miami area. The architecture program at this university is special because it’s located in South Florida’s busy cities and beautiful coastal areas. This location makes it a great place for students to learn about new techniques and methods in architecture.

The School of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University helps students come up with new ways to make the course even better. They cover all aspects of architecture and design, which helps students learn more and come up with their own ideas.

4. Florida A&M University School of Architecture

Florida A&M University’s School of Architecture began way back in 1887. It’s the third-biggest black university in the United States when it comes to how many students attend. It’s also the only public university in Florida that has a history of being for black people.

The name “A&M” in the university’s name stands for Agricultural and Mechanical. But this university doesn’t just teach farming and machines. They offer about sixty different bachelor’s degrees in many subjects, like psychology, architecture, journalism, and more.

Florida A&M University is not only the biggest public HBCU (Historically Black College or University) in the US, but it’s also ranked the highest. The School of Architecture there wants to create a special place for students. They aim to offer a learning environment that helps students grow in many ways – not just academically, but also in their values, culture, and identity. They really care about the students’ development in every aspect.

5. University of South Florida

The University of South Florida’s School of Architecture & Community Design is a place where people who love designing things and building things come together. It started in 1986 and was the first public school of architecture in Florida. It’s right in the middle of a big city. This school is well-known for its great programs in architecture design and other subjects.

The University has a strong mission: to educate and train students to become leaders in their fields, experts with the highest skills and knowledge. They offer two degrees: Master of Architecture and Master of Urban and Community Design. The Master of Architecture program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board, and it’s the degree you need if you want to become a licensed architect.

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