Top 5 Architecture Schools in Florida

Top 5 Architecture Schools in Florida

Are you searching for the best architecture schools in Florida to enroll in? Lofty Scholars have taken the time to compile a list of architecture schools in Florida that you can choose from to advance your career.

This field of study is suitable for individuals who have a keen interest in creativity and design. Investing in this field can increase your chances of being hired in high-income generating sectors. Florida is an ideal place to excel in this field because it is recognized as one of the top-ranked educational hubs that values quality education and excellent results.

Architecture Schools in Florida

  1. University of Miami School of Architecture

The University of Miami School of Architecture is renowned for preparing students for success in various professional fields. Since its establishment in 1989, the Graduate Programs at the University of Miami’s School of Architecture have grown to encompass five areas.

As part of a School of Architecture studio, students spent a week in Barranquilla, Colombia, visiting residents in some of the city’s informal settlements and oldest neighborhoods. They returned to the Coral Gables Campus to begin designing structures that could help revitalize those areas and address the impacts of climate change.

  1. University of Central Florida, School of Architecture

The University of Central Florida, School of Architecture, is a public university located in Orlando. It was founded in 1963 and is considered one of the fastest-growing and largest universities in the US. Their overall course aims to equip students to become influential and essential individuals in their careers. The University of Central Florida enrolls approximately 6,879 candidates in bachelor’s degree programs.

The Bachelor of Design in Architecture program is a partnership with Valencia and the University of Central Florida. This partnership enables their students to complete their Scottish architectural program in Central Florida.

  1. Florida Atlantic University, School of Architecture

Florida Atlantic University’s School of Architecture is one of the best architecture schools in Florida. Established in 1984, it was the first public university in the Miami metropolitan area. The program of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University is situated within South Florida’s urban environment and dynamic coastal areas, which provides a laboratory for investigating new tools.

The School of Architecture also assists students in devising new methods or ways in which the potential of the course can be enhanced. The program’s inclusivity of every aspect of architecture and architectural design not only widens students’ knowledge but also enables them to produce their own ideas

  1. Florida A&M University School of Architecture

Florida A&M University’s School of Architecture was founded in 1887 and is the third-largest black university in the US in terms of enrollment. It is also the only public historically black university in Florida. The A&M attached to the Florida university stands for Agricultural and Mechanical, but the university offers approximately sixty bachelor’s degrees in a wide range of fields such as psychology, architecture, journalism, etc.

Florida A&M University is also the highest-ranked public HBCU in the US. The School of Architecture aims to provide an enlightened and enriched academic, intellectual, moral, cultural, and ethnic student-centered environment that helps students in their overall development.

  1. University of South Florida

At the University of South Florida’s School of Architecture & Community Design, the love of design meets the love of construction. Founded in 1986, it was the first state school of architecture in Florida and located in a major metropolitan center. It is one of the top-ranked schools for Architecture design and other programs.

The University has a clear mission of creating and producing students who can rule the world by being the best in their skills and knowledge. The University offers two degrees: Master of Architecture and Master of Urban and Community Design. The Master of Architecture is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board and is also a professional degree required to obtain a license.

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