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Top 7 Computer skills for CV

Top 7 Computer skills for CV

This list of computer skills for CV is really helpful for your CV, and it can make it more likely for you to get a job.

In Nigeria, many jobs need you to know a bit about computers, and some might need you to know more specific things about them.

When you want a job, the people hiring you want you to be good with computers, no matter what job you’re applying for. So, it’s important to get better at computer stuff before you talk about it on your CV.

This article from lofty Scholars will talk about the important computer skills you need for jobs nowadays, and it will also tell you which computer skills to put on your CV. Plus, I’ll answer some questions people often ask about this.

What are computer skills?

Computer skills mean knowing how to use and work with computers. This covers lots of different things, from simple stuff like using email to harder things like putting together computer parts. Usually, we can split computer skills into two groups: skills for using software and skills for dealing with hardware.

What should I write in computer skills for CV?

Here are some examples of computer skills that you can put on your resume:

  • Good at using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Sent more than 150 emails each week using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Made basic office budget sheets on Microsoft Excel.
  • Wrote, edited, and made documents look nice on Microsoft Word.

Is computer proficiency a skill?

The ICAS Computer Skills Assessment Framework explains that being skilled with computers includes knowing how to use the internet and email, being good at using computers in general, working with words on a computer, creating pictures and videos, handling spreadsheets and databases, and even knowing how to program and write scripts.

Why Basic computer skills for cv important?

Knowing how to use computers is really important for finding jobs nowadays, because technology is used in almost every field. Being good at different computer programs shows that you can learn new tech stuff, do your work well, and talk with others effectively. It can also help you get things done faster and better, which bosses like.

If you’re really good with computers, you might even get better-paying jobs and chances to move up in a company. This is because you can handle more important tasks and help the company succeed. Overall, computer skills are like a really important tool to have in today’s quick-changing job world.

Computer skills For CV

1. Computer fundamentals

In today’s world, knowing how computers work is really important for lots of jobs. As technology keeps getting better and more workplaces use computers, it’s crucial to at least know the basics. Even if your job isn’t about technology, you still need computer skills for simple things like sending emails, making documents, and looking up information.

If you put your computer knowledge on your resume, it tells possible bosses that you have a basic grasp of using computers well. This can make you stand out from other people applying for jobs and make bosses in different industries more interested in hiring you.

2. Computer Software: Microsoft Office suite, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Lots of companies in Nigeria use different computer programs for their everyday work. Knowing how to use these regular tools, like Microsoft Word which helps with tasks,

Microsoft Excel for keeping track of information and making charts, and Microsoft PowerPoint for showing things to coworkers or clients, would really help you.

3. Basic Internet skills

Being good at using the internet is really important to work well online. You need to know how to search the web, send emails, and do research online. This is becoming more and more important in today’s job market. Many jobs need the internet for important things like checking out market trends, talking to clients and suppliers, and using special computer programs to make and understand data, especially in jobs related to marketing.

It’s a good idea to mention your internet skills on your CV. You can put them in a list of technical skills or make a section just for them. This will show potential bosses that you’re comfortable with technology and can use the internet for work stuff.

Also, it proves that you can use different websites and tools on the internet to find and understand information. These skills are super helpful for jobs that involve researching, looking at data, and making reports.

4. Communication Tools

Being able to use apps like Gmail and Slack easily, and understanding what they do, can really help when you need to talk to clients or partners from outside your company. It’s also useful for working together with your colleagues, whether they’re in the same place or far away.

Knowing how to use Slack well is especially important so you can keep up with team meetings and what’s happening on projects.

It’s also good to know how to use video call tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Plus, being good at instant messaging can be helpful. Some jobs might need you to handle email marketing systems like Mailchimp or HubSpot, but they will tell you if that’s needed in the job description.

5. Specialist computer skills

When you’re trying to get a job as a computer person, it’s really important to know some basic computer skills like programming. This means knowing how to use certain computer programs like Java, HTML, and Python. You should also write about these skills on your job application.

If you want to be an artist who makes pictures, you need to know how to use special art programs like Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Illustrator. These programs help you change and make pictures. It’s good to understand exactly what skills the job needs, so you can talk about those skills when you apply for the job.

6. Social media

If you work in jobs like marketing, media, or office work, you might need to know a bit about famous social websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

This could mean doing regular tasks like answering emails and comments. Sometimes, you might also need to be good at looking at data and figuring out what it means.

7. Online storage

Cloud storage or online storage means putting your data on faraway computers that you can get to using the internet. This can be really useful for your CV for a few reasons.

First, it lets you see your CV from any device that’s connected to the internet. That makes it easy to apply for jobs from anywhere.

Second, it keeps your CV safe even if your computer breaks or something else goes wrong.

Third, with online storage, you can easily share your CV with other people, like a possible boss. Instead of sending a big file through email, you just send them a link to the file.

Using online storage also helps you keep your CV up to date. You can change the file and save it, so your changes show up quickly on your profile.

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