15 Top Universities in Cyprus For International Students

15 Top Universities in Cyprus For International Students

Cyprus is a beautiful place in the Mediterranean that’s inviting for students from all over the world. It has a lot of history, beautiful scenery, and great universities.

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Overview of Universities in Cyprus For International Students

1) University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus is a really good school in the main city, Nicosia. It’s the best university in Cyprus. It started in 1989 and is well-known for its high-quality teaching and research. The university offers lots of different bachelor’s and master’s programs in subjects like history, science, and engineering.

There are about 7,000 students at the university. This makes it not too big, so students get a lot of attention from teachers. The teachers are experts in their fields. The university has modern buildings, labs, libraries, and research centers that help students learn.

In short, the University of Cyprus is the top school in Cyprus. It’s famous for its research, new ideas, and strong focus on learning.

2) Cyprus University of Technology

The Cyprus University of Technology, also known as CUT, is a famous school that focuses on practical research and teaching about technology. It started in 2004, so it’s one of the newer universities in Cyprus. Even though it’s young, it has done really well and is known for being great at technology, engineering, and applied sciences.

CUT has about 7,000 students studying different things like bachelor’s and master’s programs. The school has special courses that are connected to industries to help students get ready for good jobs in their chosen fields.

The university has really good facilities, like modern labs and special research centers, where students learn by doing things. The school also works closely with businesses, so students can get real work experience and even work with big companies.

Students at the Cyprus University of Technology have a cool and creative learning space. They learn from experienced teachers and take part in the latest research projects. Because the university is so good at teaching and practical knowledge, it’s well-respected in Cyprus and other places too.

3) University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia was started in 1980. It’s the biggest private university in Cyprus and is well-known in the world of higher education. It offers many different programs for students to learn about things like business, humanities, social sciences, and health sciences. It’s located in the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, and is known for being really good at teaching and for focusing on what students need.

Around 12,000 students go to this university, and they come from more than 100 different countries. This makes the campus like a mini-world with many cultures mixing together. The university has nice, modern stuff like classrooms, labs, and libraries where students can learn.

The university also thinks that doing new research and coming up with new ideas is very important. They encourage students to be part of special projects that can make the world better in different fields.

The University of Nicosia has been around for a long time and has many students from all over the world. People like it because it’s a good place to learn, with a lot of chances to do well in your studies and be part of different things.

4) European University Cyprus

The European University Cyprus is a respected private school in Nicosia, Cyprus. It started in 1961. They have many different programs for students to learn about, like bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. This university has a long history and is known for giving good education, coming up with new ideas, and doing research.

Around 6,000 students go to this school, and they come from over 60 different countries. This makes the campus like a mix of many cultures, where people from different places can learn from each other. The school is happy to change its programs to match what businesses and industries need. This helps students get ready for good jobs in different areas.

The school has good things like modern classrooms, labs for research, libraries, and services to help students do well. This makes the school a great place to learn.

The European University Cyprus really cares about coming up with new ideas and doing things in a better way. They have special places for research and learning more about important subjects like health, business, engineering, and social topics.

The school is very serious about being really good at teaching and making sure everyone feels welcome and excited to learn. This makes it a great option for both students from Cyprus and from other countries who want to get a really good education.

5) Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University (CIU) started in 1997 and is a fancy private school in Nicosia, Cyprus. It has lots of different programs for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, like engineering, business, social sciences, and health sciences. People from over 100 countries come to study there because it’s welcoming to everyone.

About 15,000 students go to CIU. The campus is lively and friendly. It has modern stuff like really good classrooms, labs, libraries, and fun places. This makes sure students have what they need to learn and have fun.

CIU is proud of how it gives students a complete education. They do more than just teaching in classes. They have things like sports, hobbies, and cultural events. This makes sure students have a full and exciting time in the university. Also, CIU has friends all around the world. This helps students to travel to other countries and work together with students from those places. It makes the student experience even better.

6) Frederick University

Frederick University is a private school in Nicosia, Cyprus. It started in 2007. They have a lot of different programs you can study, like engineering, business, humanities, and health sciences. People know this university because it’s really good at teaching, hands-on learning, and coming up with new ideas.

About 5,000 students go there. It’s not too big, so classes are small and students and teachers can talk a lot. They teach stuff that’s useful in real jobs. They also work with companies, so students can learn while working. This helps them get ready for jobs.

Frederick University has a cool campus. They have labs, libraries, and special places for research that are super modern. These things help students learn by doing real stuff, not just reading.

Also, Frederick University likes when people try new things and think of new ideas. Students and teachers do research to learn new stuff and make things better in their fields.

7) Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) started in 1979 and is a famous university in Famagusta, North Cyprus. People from all over the world like to go there because it’s connected to different countries. There are more than 19,000 students from over 100 countries at EMU.

They teach lots of different programs, like engineering, social sciences, business, and education. The campus has cool stuff like modern labs and places to do research. They really like finding new things and coming up with new ideas at EMU.

EMU is well-respected in Cyprus because it’s been around for a long time and cares a lot about teaching well. People like it because they can learn many things and be around many different cultures. It’s a great place to get a good education and be part of a varied community.

8) Neapolis University Pafos

Neapolis University Pafos is a respected private university in Cyprus. It started in 2010 and has become well-known for its good education and high standards, even though it’s relatively new.

They teach a variety of programs like business, law, psychology, and architecture. The university cares a lot about its students and wants them to think, be creative, and come up with new ideas. It’s a small university with around 1,500 students, so everyone gets special attention from the teachers.

The campus is modern and has good facilities like labs, libraries, and research centers. This helps students do research and work together. All in all, Neapolis University Pafos is a special place where students in Cyprus can get a really good education.

9) Open University of Cyprus

The Open University of Cyprus (OUC) is a well-known school started in 2002. It’s unique because it teaches students from far away, and it’s the only university like this in the country. OUC helps many kinds of students, even those who only have a little time to learn. They have lots of different programs in subjects like history, society, nature, and business.

The Open University of Cyprus is special because it wants education to be easy for everyone. It mostly teaches from far away, so students can learn when they can. This is great for people who have jobs or other things to do. Because of this, many people – around 6,000 – like to learn there.

The Open University of Cyprus uses new and smart ways to give good education to its students. They use the internet to let students use interesting learning stuff, like virtual classes and lots of help. The school wants students to work together and talk on the internet too.

The university cares about how students want to learn. They make sure all students can learn in a way that works for them.

10) Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) was started in 1990 and is well-known for studying the human body and how it works. They especially look at the brain, nerves, and genes. They also give special medical help. CING is a top place in Cyprus for learning and research, especially in brain science and genetics. Their main aim is to improve what we know and how we take care of health in these areas.

CING doesn’t have a lot of students. Most of their students already finished college and are now learning more in advanced programs. They offer different advanced programs like master’s and doctor’s degrees. They also have special classes for doctors and nurses to learn more about these topics. Students get the chance to work on very new research projects with famous scientists and doctors in a place where different subjects come together.

The institute has really modern facilities, like really advanced labs and places for research. CING works closely with research centers in other countries, making friends all over the world and moving science forward.

In general, CING is super committed to studying, teaching, and helping patients with brain science and genetics. This has made it a big deal in Cyprus, and people from all over the world who care a lot about health and genes come here to learn and work.

11) Cyprus Institute

Started in 2005, The Cyprus Institute is a highly regarded place for learning and research. It’s all about finding solutions for big problems like energy, environment, and water. People really respect them for their smart research, new ideas, and high-level teaching in Cyprus and the larger area around the Mediterranean Sea.

They don’t have a lot of students, but the ones they have are mostly studying at a higher level. They offer special programs where you can get a master’s or doctor’s degree in subjects like energy, environmental science, computational science, and even archaeology.

At The Cyprus Institute, they teach by mixing ideas with practical learning. Students get to do real research projects with famous researchers, which is a big deal. The institute works with friends nearby and in other countries too, like universities, research places, and businesses.

They also have special groups and projects, such as the Energy, Environment, and Water Research Center (EEWRC) and the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC). These places help us learn more and find answers to important problems.

Because they’re so committed to working on different subjects together and teaching that way too, they’ve become a top place. People who really care about making the world better and taking care of the Earth come here to learn and do research.

12) Girne American University

Girne American University (GAU) is a private university that started in 1985. It’s in Girne (also known as Kyrenia) in North Cyprus. They have lots of different programs like business, engineering, arts, science, and tourism. GAU is famous for looking at things from all around the world and working together with other schools everywhere.

GAU has lots of students from more than 80 countries. This makes the school diverse and multicultural, which means people from different cultures can learn from each other. The school has new buildings for classes, libraries, labs, and research centers. These places help students learn better.

The school teaches practical things and works with companies to help students learn useful job skills. They offer chances for students to work at companies or do jobs related to their studies. The school also does research and goes to international meetings to help make new discoveries in different subjects.

13) Near East University

Near East University (NEU) is a very good university that started in 1988. It’s in Nicosia, North Cyprus. It’s one of the biggest universities there, with more than 25,000 students from over 100 countries. NEU teaches many different subjects like engineering, medicine, arts and sciences, business, and law.

The school is famous for being really good at teaching and doing research. It has new places for students to learn, like labs, libraries, and research centers. NEU really cares about finding new things and working with other schools around the world.

Outside of classes, NEU has lots of fun things to do on campus, like clubs, sports, and cultural events. The school likes having students from everywhere and wants them to think about the whole world. With all the different classes and chances to do research, Near East University is a great place to get a good education and have fun in North Cyprus.

14) Americanos College

Americanos College is a school in Nicosia, Cyprus that has been around for a long time. Even though it’s not a university itself, it works together with good universities to offer different programs for students. It started in 1980 and teaches things like business, computers, and how to manage hotels and restaurants.

The school isn’t very big, so there aren’t too many students. This means students can get more attention from teachers and have a better learning experience. Because the classes are small, students and teachers can talk more and help each other. Americanos College likes to teach things that are useful in real life, so they help students get jobs by giving them chances to work and learn outside of school.

Outside of classes, the college also wants students to grow in other ways. They have fun things to do after classes, like clubs and events. Americanos College is known for being good at teaching and for helping students become better all-around people. It’s a well-respected school in Cyprus and is popular among students who want to learn in a focused and friendly place.

15) University of Central Lancashire Cyprus

UCLan Cyprus is a part of the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. It started in 2012. It has different programs for students to learn about business, law, psychology, and hospitality. The goal is to give a good British education that people all around the world recognize.

Not too many students go to UCLan Cyprus, so classes are small. This helps students get more attention from their teachers. The teachers at the university are experienced and know a lot about their subjects.

The buildings and stuff at the campus are new and have good equipments for students to use. UCLan Cyprus cares about getting students ready for jobs. They help students learn by doing things and also give them chances to work in real jobs before they finish studying.

The campus also supports a diverse and inclusive atmosphere. It welcomes students from different backgrounds and helps them learn about each other’s cultures.

For those who want to study abroad in Cyprus, UCLan Cyprus is a great choice. It’s dedicated to high-quality education and offers a British-style learning experience.

Advantages of studying in Cyprus

Studying in Cyprus presents numerous benefits that cater to diverse academic goals and interests. Some of these advantages include:

1. Exceptional Education

Cyprus has really good universities and schools where you can learn about many different things in various fields. People from around the world think highly of these places, so if you study there, you’ll get a great education.

2. Cost-Effective Option

Cyprus is cheaper than a lot of European countries when it comes to the cost of studying and living there. This makes it a good option for students who want to study abroad without spending too much money, while still getting a good education.

3. Culturally Diverse Experience

Cyprus is like a mix of many cultures, so it pulls in students from all over the world. When you study there, you get to meet and learn from people with different backgrounds. This helps you see things from different points of view and makes you grow as a person.

4. Safety and Stability

People know Cyprus for being very safe and having a stable political situation. This means that when you study there, you can concentrate on your studies and personal growth without worrying about safety.

5. Enchanting Location

Cyprus is located in the beautiful Mediterranean region, which makes it a really nice place to study. The amazing views, lovely beaches, and good weather all add up to a great learning experience.

6. English-Medium Instruction

A lot of universities in Cyprus teach in English, which makes it easy for students from other countries to fit in and talk with their teachers and classmates.

7. Networking and Career Opportunities

Cyprus has a strong economy, so there are lots of opportunities to make connections and develop your career. When you study here, you can find internships, job opportunities, and meet people who work in different fields.

8. Immersive Cultural Experience

You can explore Cyprus’s fascinating history and culture by checking out ancient sites and taking part in traditional festivals. This special adventure helps you learn more about the world and opens your mind to new things.

How much does it cost for international students to study in Cyprus?

What are the expenses for international students who want to study in Cyprus?

The price of studying in Cyprus for students from other countries depends on the type of degree. For Bachelor’s degrees, it can be between about 3,400 to 8,000 Euros per year. If you’re looking at Master’s degrees, it might be around 5,000 to 10,000 Euros per year. Remember, these costs could change based on the university and the specific program you choose.

Are international students allowed to work in Cyprus?

As per the laws in Cyprus, international students enjoy the same rights as local citizens regarding employment. This means they have access to things like the minimum wage and all the regular rights and protections related to work.

Is it possible for a student to obtain permanent residency in Cyprus?

Once international students finish their studies, they can apply for permanent residency in Cyprus. To qualify, they need to meet the condition of having extra yearly earnings as specified. Also, if the student makes a bigger investment, their grown-up children who are financially independent can also qualify for a Cyprus immigration permit.

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