5 Importance of Internet and Computing

5 Importance of Internet and Computing

Appropriate use of the internet makes our life easy, fast and simple. Today, the internet has become unavoidable in our daily life. we took our time to outline the importance of Internet and Computing.

Since its inception the internet has been an integral part of business processes, but today, the internet is not only useful in the corporate world but to humanity in general. Computing and the internet has become a whole universe on its own, people now live in the internet not to mention that people now conduct businesses over the internet, they build business and personal relationships on the internet. The internet on its own contributes immensely to education, it is vital in how information and knowledge is shared and how existing and current skills are acquired and applied.

Importance of Internet and Computing

1. The internet in the corporate space

Nowadays business people are more productive because of the aid that computing and the internet brings. It has become easy to make sound business decisions with the aid of Data mining and improve business processes by applying Artificial intelligence.

2. The internet in society

In spite of recent studies that the internet, especially social media, has a negative impact on the psychology of the users of social media platforms on the internet, the internet has played a vital role in connecting people with the ones they love and care about. It has made communication easier for people who are a long distance apart, people can now use Video calling, people can now use Live streaming to share real-time experiences, people can now share and save memories on their social/person cloud internet services accounts.

3. The internet in education

Information and knowledge acquisition has never been easier since the dawn of the internet. The internet brought more light in how information is acquired, processed and shared through online platforms like Udemy, which is one of the big online learning platforms, which is more like an online academic institution where online classrooms are facilitated by software and the internet, but of course created by people, for now. There are online courses of which you can subscribe to and take lessons at your comfort, no more travelling to class to listen to an incomprehensive lecture.

4. The internet in sports

The innovation brought about by the internet, especially the Internet of Things cannot be taking trivially, things like the sensors that would predict temperature so that sporting events are well planned, sensors that can be embedded in sporting kits to measure a sports person’s performance and use this to gather data that can be then converted into comprehensive metrics that would help team leaders or sports people make sound decisions and plans for up-coming matches or changes ets. This proves how the internet plays a significant role in almost every facet of our lives.

5. The internet in human civilization


It is no longer just human beings around here, we are also augmenting the human race and reality through technologies like Augmented reality and Virtual reality, there are human robots that are believed to have the potential of improving human civilization, I am just not sure how, but there is a robot considered to be compatible with being a citizen of any country her name is Sophia

I have found her to be cool though. This technology proves to bring change in the human race who knows maybe people will be able to live with these robots and since the robots are like computers and internet bots, they have the potential to improve our social interactions and yeah.

The internet and computing are not only good but bad also.

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